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What is the latest hit list of cool launch activities?

Axel Schultze Founder Society3 Accelerator & Fundraising market place

June 17th, 2015

This Friday we are making a major announcement with a product that directly affects the value of the SEC JOBS Act Title IV that is going in effect also on Friday.

We want to do a bunch of cool things this Friday but then also over the next 6 weeks.
What ideas can you share?
* Target audience: Investors in Silicon Valley and the rest of the US
* Startups who want to go fundraising any soon
* Late stage startups who want to raise big rounds (up to $50 Million)
* We want to help politicians understand what we do
* We want to help the general public understand what we all can do for the economy when helping fund startups
   As the old saying from JFK went: "Don't ask what the country can do for you - but what you can do for the country"

Looking forward to get the craziest of the crazy ideas - we are up to anything (as long as we can budget it LOL)

Thanks a ton in advance for your support

Crystal Grave Founder, President & CEO at Snappening

June 18th, 2015

Hi Axel. You ask some important questions and have identified five (5) core business audiences that  you want to engage. What I'm not sure about, is which audience (for you) is most important to engage this Friday at your launch, and if you plan on having a launch event (in-person opportunities) or rather plan on doing a virtual launch (web-based messaging and content).

Interestingly enough, you have about six (6) weeks to engage about five (5) audiences. There are a number of ways you could think about this.
  1. Focus on a key audience each week, starting with the most important to the business and moving to the least influential (at this stage). Create messaging, plans and opportunities for each audience.
  2. Focus on only one (1) primary audience and cater the entire launch to their needs, interests and messages. If, for example, you really need the investor audience to take note for this launch to work, your messaging strategy might only be about how you matter to them and why they should care about you.
  3. Consider your launch event as one small piece of a larger engagement strategy, which in turn is part of a larger marketing strategy, which feeds into your business objectives. Suggestion #3 obviously takes more work to manage (and couldn't probably be done effectively by Friday), but would be the strongest way to go.
If you are simply looking for some ideas that will "stick" when people show up, I think about product demos that might provide best-case scenarios of what you are offering, screens that just tell people interesting things about your business model (subtle but readable for those who want to take note), great promotional items that are on brand (may be hard to get in a day if you don't already have them ordered), live performances with actors, impersonators, entertainers, etc. At the end of the day, the best launch events have a few key elements:
  • Great food and drink
  • A full (but not cramped) room
  • Great music that is lively and energetic
  • People who are 1 - 3 degrees removed from one another so they can use the first few minutes talking about how they know the founders, business and ultimately each other through their contacts
  • Subtle showcases of your new product or offering -- people are too distracted to take in much at the launch itself, but do need quick hits to remember why they should care when they get home and back to the office.
  • Some SWAG - simple stuff that they can put to use within the next year and see value in saving
I hope this helps and look forward to your announcement!

Eleanor Carman Incoming BLP Sales Associate at LinkedIn

June 18th, 2015

An interactive way to get more engagement (esp. at your event) would be to create a personal hashtag that goes along with a freebie. I went to a launch party last year that gave out these tiny plastic hands (big enough to put on your pointer finger) at the beginning of the event. People were taking photos with them holding drinks, shaking hands, high-fiveing, etc. The photos were hilarious, which made people want to instagram/tweet them - not just for the event, but bc they actually wanted their followers to see their funny photos. They encouraged people to post using the event hashtag, which made engagement very successful. Just a thought that might help you generate other interactive ideas for the social aspect of your event/launch. Hope this helps!

Axel Schultze Founder Society3 Accelerator & Fundraising market place

July 7th, 2015

@Crystal and @Eleanor 
Excellent ideas - thank you so much. That was really helpful !