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What is the market size for an app for manufacturing providing workplace performance support?

David Grebow CEO at KnowledgeStar

May 31st, 2016

We have a prototype of an app ( that connects 
  • a near-field blue tooth beacon that can be placed on any machine or piece of equipment
  • to a machine operator employing  a smart device (phone or tablet) 
  • to a server with pre-existing information in various formats about
    •  operations 
    •  compliance
    •  maintenance
    •  safety

The information is repurposed to be mobile-ready to be used on any smart device connected to an internet. The information can be either what the employee wants to recall or needs to remember (e.g. how to reset the meter), or what information corporate needs to know on any given day (e.g. complete and return a compliance checklist). 

There is also a social media option that can connect a user looking for help to another user who can provide assistance.

The analytics tell corporate everything from how often the app is being successfully used to what areas are causing the most problems and need more focus to exactly when a repair was made or compliance check completed. Analytics can be developed to meet the needs of the company. 

With Manufacturing in this country in decline, we were wondering if there is any traction to be had in this market? Is this market worth investing more time and money into the prototype to move it to the MVP stage?   

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Stefan Vermeulen

June 1st, 2016

I don't often read ideas here that I believe are truly worth it! This sounds great, I would be happy to hear more about it. Don't "just" think about your country. The world is open. I know of at least one other easy type of app that could possibly be sold together with yours. I am overseas, but if you want to discuss this further, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Stefan, @savermeulen

Dan Meier Reimagining manufacturing management software

June 2nd, 2016

David, it sounds kind-of like an Amazon dash button for manufacturing, though its functionality is configurable and can be changed when needed. Have I captured the idea? One question, though: how is this different than a software-only solution? Why is hardware needed? I can see some advantage to an operator "pairing" their tablet or smartphone via an NFC smart tag on a tool in order to access tool-specific operational and maintenance information. But beyond that, it seems to me like everything needed would be accessible (on the tablet/phone) through the manufacturer's manufacturing management system.  Am I missing something?

-- Dan

William Hartman CEO, President at Premier Biomedical, Inc.

May 31st, 2016

Sounds like a winner to me. William A. Hartman President/CEO Premier Biomedical, Inc. Office: (814) 786-8849 Skype: w.a.hartman This communication (including any attachments) contains Premier Biomedical, Inc. privileged or confidential information intended for a specific individual and purpose, and is protected by law. It is not to be forwarded or disseminated to persons without a demonstrated "need-to-know", without authorization from Premier Biomedical, Inc. If you are not the intended recipient, you should delete this communication immediately and are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, dissemination, or distribution of this communication, or the taking of any action based on it, is strictly prohibited. If you receive this communication in error, please notify us immediately by calling 814-786-8849. This email and it’s attachments are © 2016, Premier Biomedical, Inc. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized reproduction is illegal without written consent.

Joanan Hernandez CEO & Founder at Mollejuo

June 1st, 2016

It's a nice idea. However, there're already products similar like these ones. That said, the fact that already exists doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. Go for it!

As always, the challenge in this product isn't technical, it's sales! Do you already have a proposal on the way? Have you tried to speak to manufacturers who might be interested in this tech? Sales cycles in manufacturing are slow (with reason). Factor in that!

Manufacturing might be on decline in some countries, still is a big market.


Greg Milbank Sales & Business Development Leader | Big Data (Hadoop) | Innovation | Rapid Growth | Strategic Alliances | Cloud, SaaS

June 1st, 2016


We are a purpose built platform for quality, risk and compliance.  One of our major focuses with our manufacturing customers is making information actionable.  In your case is may be mapping policies to readings or more that one simultaneous reading and what notification or corrective actions need to be taken.  As you mature, keep CMX us in mind as a potential partner.  I can see us working together in food service, pharma or complex manufacturing.  Good luck with the raise.