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What is the most powerful Shark Tank pitch?

Sam Lepak Internet Marketer I Social Media Expert I Professional Learner I Student Entrepreneur

September 12th, 2016

I understand the show does not really represent the reality of startup investors. I still find it very entertaining and for that I wanted to ask you which pitch was your favorite. Perhaps there is at least something that we can learn from this show :)

J Moore Publisher: EV World. Founder & Interim CEO of QUIKBYKE

September 13th, 2016

Several times now people have walked up to me as I man our prototype Qiosk and tell me, "You should be on Shark Tank," to which I reply, "While I love the show, the first thing they're going to ask me about are my financials, which as a startup are pretty paltry. We're still testing the technology and the concept of renting eBikes from a shipping container. But interestingly, three young women from Las Vegas rented Quikbykes from us two week ago, and predictably, one of them said, "You should be on Shark Tank," adding that one of their girl friends had been on the show and got Mark Cuban to invest. I should have asked who or what, but didn't. They did, however, love the Quikbyke experience, offer me some good suggestions for improvements. You can see their comments on our "Memory Wall" on the converted shipping container on