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What is the next wave of innovation in e-commerce after flash sales & private sales?


October 22nd, 2015

Flash/Private sales erupted onto the US e-commerce scene in 2009/10 and began a new business model in e-commerce which was enabled by the assimilation of e-commerce & Web 2.0. However, in the wake of the massive influx of competition in the private sales space, the market is poised to move on to it’s next phase. What will the future wave(s) in E-Commerce be that will be as significant as Private/Flash Sales?

John O'Reilly Social Partnerships at Spredfast | Social & Digital Media Marketing Software | SaaS

October 22nd, 2015

I found this presentation by Michael Wolf to be over the top insightful and a great place to start when trying to forecast the next wave of innovation in e-commerce.

Karen Leventhal

October 22nd, 2015

I might be biased since we are launching a B2B e-commerce company, but the B2B e-commerce market is at least twice the size of B2C commerce and no one has really become a dominant play yet ala Amazon for B2C. Also, I suspect that tying your purchases into information gathered from big data/analytics (having this information available directly to the consumer) may start to play an even greater role then it already does an be applied in a myriad of ways...