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Mike Guerena

CEO of ThinkWrite Technologies

My one year old company has developed great mobile device accessories for the education market. We already have about 50 schools or districts as customers and are adding more every week. That being said I was expecting to have higher sales at this point as there is a great need for our products. I have been working with my co-founder on directing sales with four independent reps in different parts of the country. My partner and I have generated about 80% of the sales for the company from our efforts. I feel that my reps could be doing better if we had someone with experience in this area that could manage and motivate them. 

We have been holding off on bringing in someone specific for sales until the company grew enough to be able to afford to pay a vice president level salary. We also thought that we could provide some equity as well, especially as we still sacrificing to get the company to better financial state. 

This is my first experience in a company that sells products. My background up to this point has been in education. I know the education market very well, but I also want to still keep my credibility high by not being the guy that is persistently bothering my education colleagues about purchasing our products. How much would hiring a sales director or VP help with getting our product wider exposure that could lead to more sales?