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What is the scope of Screen Display Advertising in US & UK ?

Nikhilesh Yadav CEO @ Azeosoft Web Technologies Pvt Ltd

December 1st, 2019

Hello Guys, We are working with Digital Screen Displays here in India, with higher success rate with more than 1000+ screens.

I want to know about its success rate in country like United States, or United Kingdom.

What are your views ?


Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

December 4th, 2019

Anecdotally, screen display advertising is very expensive in the USA. It is not an appropriate channel for most businesses. And it's often seen as a little bit predatory. Evidence in seeing screens shows that none are able to sell all the advertising space they have available, and that they have limited effectiveness. There are numerous more cost-effective options for most businesses to consider when advertising.

While I understand the appeal for the screen owners, most simply charge too much money. And the presence of the screens is resented by consumers. They often appear in places where there's no escape (elevators, gasoline pumps, checkout lanes, etc.). This can make the ads less effective because a negative experience is associated with viewing the ad, even if the advertised product/service is a match for the viewer.

I have no idea what the attitude towards such screens is in India. I would guess that the negative associations with being forced to watch are fairly universal.