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AWS/NoSQL/Big Data Architect at Capital One

I have not hired interns before in the context of a startup, so I am not sure what value can they provide, but I have heard good and bad about taking this approach instead of hiring an experienced team for all tasks.

My thought is that interns may be good at certain tasks, but for other complicated tasks experienced folks can offer much better ROI.

Here are some steps in a typical software development process and I was wondering if folks can suggest which tasks would be a great match for interns, suggest other tasks that I may have missed which could also be a great match for them:

- Create surveys and collect survey results to understand the market and the problem.
- Interview and involve users from the market for which problem is being solved
- Product workflow (based on user input)
- UI design
- Content creation
- Coding
- Testing
- Alpha/Beta deployments
- Working closely with user to obtain feedback for important milestones
- Market product to users from the industry