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What learning platforms do you use?


October 9th, 2016

There are so many learning platforms these days, offering different courses online whether they are payed for or free of charge. How to choose the right one which is worth of your time and money? Which one do you use?


October 10th, 2016

Hi Kiryl,
For updates on whats happening in tech or business world, I read the websites famous for such stuff. E.g. TechCrunch, Xconomy, Inc, Fast Company, Entrepreneur etc.
For learning tech and business courses, I use Lynda, Udacity, Skillshare, and buy books written persons famous in their fields.

I decide which ones to go to based on the availability of the type of course I want to take and the reviews (friends, classmates, etc). Cost and time of the course are other considerations. Its best you try a free course first and gauge if you like it before you commit a lot of money and time into one particular website.