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What platforms support sharing of internal company/team photos into Instagram?

Lisa Falcone Rock Star Marketer available for company poised for growth

August 4th, 2015

I am trying to figure out the easiest, most direct way to import company photos (internal, privately shared photos) to Instagram (public facing) for social media purposes.  The idea is that the entire team will have access to the internal photo sharing database (which we dont have set up yet), and then, I, as the marketer, will select the most "shareable" photos and push them to our Instagram account.

Apparently it is a hassle to import Flickr photos into Instragram, for example.

Any ideas on a platform that would allow easy photo sharing with Instagram would be immensely appreciated.

Stan Podolski CEO at Nimble Aircraft.

August 4th, 2015

instagram specifically prohibits uploading pictures not from the instagram app

At this time, uploading via the API is not possible. We made a conscious choice not to add this for the following reasons:

  1. Instagram is about your life on the go - we hope to encourage photos from within the app.

Robert Hoskins (4,400+)

August 4th, 2015

Dropbox is perfect for not only photos, but all types of files that need to be shared with a virtual team.

Fiifi Baidoo Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

August 4th, 2015

Google Drive seem like a good option for this. 

Greg Armshaw

August 4th, 2015

Hi Lisa,
Most people in the thread so far seem to be thinking you are looking for a way to organise your photos from around the company. If this is what you want then dropbox and google drive are pretty good.

If you are looking for a publishing platform like Buffer (which does an awesome job of scheduling posts to twitter, FB and Linkedin for example) Instagram restricts the ability to post from publishing platforms, and their API documentation is very clear restricting any activity (including third party publishing) that may reduce the quality of posts on the platform. It is a premium environment so you can see why they don't want spam. It is worth reading this blog postif only to moderate your own publishing guidelines.

So, as they grow more commercial there are signs that they are allowing a bit more leeway in this area, but partner schedulers are being held to account so be careful about paying a lump sum to services that may be cut off in a few months. As mentioned by Stan, Instagram's public stance is not to allow third party publishing apps.

Schedugram seems to have a good offering (not used it) but it is a paid for service that allows you to schedule posts from your desktop machine.

There are others listed here

If you are not scheduling too many posts and you don't use Instagram personally on your own phone, then I would manage using a combination of Dropbox/Google Drive. Use their mobile app to drop the images on your phone and then use your the instagram app on the phone to publish.

Vijay MD Founder Chefalytics, Co-owner Bite Catering Couture, Independent consultant (ex-McKinsey)

August 4th, 2015

Have you looked at SmugMug?

Anthony Miller

August 4th, 2015

Dropbox perhaps. 

Greg Armshaw

August 22nd, 2015

I just saw this from Hootsuite.  I am not sure if it actually publishes for you, but it seems to be one of the more robust management platforms.