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Eric PMP

Management Consultant, MS in Information Systems, MBA, Project Management Professional, Six Sigma Black Belt Trained

I have enticed a client to buy a bundle of 9 meeting-hours from me for $1,800.  They might perceive this as $200/hour.  There is some other work that the client is doing to which I could contribute but I would be willing to do it at a lower rate (like $100/hour in 1/10 increments, for example).  I'd like to offer my services to this client but don't want to diminish the value of my brand / offering if I come in at too low of a rate.  I'm a management consultant and project manager who is also technical.  I think that my time is worth $200/hour in some contexts (especially when the meetings are planned by me, for example) but in others, like when I'm just helping out as a helping hand, I think it should be lower.  Any thoughts on how to price myself or how to distinguish between these to pricing categories ?