What's your philosophy on productivity?


February 4th, 2017

What's your philosophy on productivity? Do you make lists? Do you find productivity software helpful? How do you let your motivation shine through productivity? What works best for you? I am interested in continuously improving productivity.


February 21st, 2017

The term "productivity" sounds like "kilos per minute" or "gallons per hour". They all have the same connotation. The term is rather suitable for machines. Furthermore, anybody who has a job that can be discussed in terms of "productivity", will sooner or later be replaced by a machine. Therefore, I prefer the term "insightful". Only humans can be "insightful". "Productive" sounds like "do it fast and don't waste time thinking about it first". It is almost contrary to "insightful". I am not keen on it. It also sounds too much like the dreaded term "rapid application development". It sounds like quickly concoct some crap, because speed is what matters. Ultimately, the term fits into the vocabulary of people who are not necessarily that intelligent, while it is the most "insightful" people who tend to end up full of money. ;-)