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What's your take on the divide between full VR and augmented reality?

Amit Verma na at na

October 10th, 2016

Which has more potential for making a major impact on our society?

William Holz

October 10th, 2016

AR is definitely stronger IMHO, both as a life enhancement and as a bridge to more useful and advanced VR.

Plus, AR+Haptics gives us the Wearable Holodeck with no new techs, just enhancements of what we have...and that's an economic and ecological game changer.

Nabeel Nawaz

October 10th, 2016

Augmented reality especially applications that are "flush" with ones lifestyle and don't require you to walk around with a weird looking thing attached to your face.

Joanan Hernandez CEO & Founder at Mollejuo

October 11th, 2016

VR and AR serve different experiences. That said, I think AR is going to be bigger, just for the fact that interacts with reality, as it name implies.