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What should I talk about in a 5 minute pitch to a group of angels?

Helen Adeosun

November 3rd, 2014

I am pitching among a small group of angels in a social impact fund in two different cities in the next few days. The group is the Pipeline Fellowship. The group only allows for 5 minute pitches and a 10 minute question and answer time. I have done pitches before but it would be great to hear what people have to say if they have pitched to this particular group or are familiar with this format. Any key points to highlight? Less personal story?

Bob Aholt Creating value by leading people, managing technology & deploying capital. Successful in strategic & operational levels.

November 4th, 2014

I agree w/ Scott -- Passion -- along w/ Integrity are two "must haves" in the qualities of an Entrepreneur as seen from the Angel perspective.  Dave Rose has a great YouTube talk on these and the other qualities that Entrepreneurs need to succeed.

Not in 5 minutes, but in the course of the first sets of dialog, you'll want to address these (typical) points or else be prepared to answer the inevitable question(s) about the topic:
√ What product will you be selling? -- explain the concept and the sales/manufacturing/distribution processes.
√ What are the advantages provided by your service, and how does that benefit the buyer? -- we're looking for something that's cheaper/better/faster.
√ Who are your expected customers? -- specify those that are in the fold now.
√ Any evidence that customers and users need the offering enabled with your service?
√ What is your marketing plan?  -- how will you get folks to buy your product?
√ Who are the competitors?  What competitive advantages do you have? --  IP, business process, 1st to market, etc.
√ What are the financial projections?
√ Who are your principal team members? -- described mainly in terms of their qualifications to do their jobs in the company.
√ What are the uses of this investment?  Do you need any additional monies?  What do you expect to do w/ the additional funding?
√ Do you have a proposed deal? -- investment terms, including pre-money valuation.
√ What is your exit strategy? -- potential purchasers and list some comparable sales (if available).

Parag Arora Engineering Manager at One97 & Paytm after selling Plustxt to Paytm

November 4th, 2014

5 minutes pitch should be broadly divided into 
1: Introduction to market: Which market, market size, previous years market size numbers and estimation for growth - this should be a quick one minute intro but should show your depth into the industry. 
2: Problem you have identified in this market
3: Your initial solution proposed along with USP
4: Where are you right now in terms of execution / sales
5: Any early customer feedbacks / survey results for evaluating problem is for real.
6: How would you use money
7: Last slide on founding members, their education and achievements. Try to highlight why they are relevant for the industry picked and what competencies they bring.  

Corey Blaser Sailor. Mormon. Entrepreneur.

November 4th, 2014

The five Ts. 

• Technology - What you're doing and maybe how. Don't go into too many details though, let them ask their questions.
• Traction - Pretty self-explanatory.
• 10x - What is the return you can give them. Let them extrapolate it from your projections.
• Terms - What are you looking for and what your needs are.
• Team - Are you an A+ team? What does your history look like.

Will Dukes Business Development Strategist and Professional Speaker

November 4th, 2014

Helen, what is the specific outcome of these pitches? Is to secure funds immediately, or to move into a next round?

Get very focused on that outcome.  What do they need to know to move forward to that next step?

Remember we all buy a solution first-the details don't matter until they believe the problem and the potential of your solution. 

In five minutes, every word counts.  I agree with Bob - go watch Roses TED talk...again...
They're giving you 10 minutes in q&a so they can ask about the facts that matter to them.  That being said, I would spend my time:

1 minute framing the problem, why it matters, and the size of the market

1 minute on the what the general solution would be -the result you're trying to accomplish and why it's the answer

1:00 minutes on how you bring that solution to fruition- give a case study 

30 seconds on overall results so far

30 seconds on your projections or next steps.

20 seconds on why you're the person to do it (and that is you, not your organization, you.)

15 seconds on the key people on your team that complement you

40 seconds on what you need, and the call to action

Get them excited!

Then know you're numbers, know your numbers, know your numbers.  

They're going to ask.  

Scott Milburn Entrepreneurial Senior Executive and Attorney

November 3rd, 2014

If you have only five minutes, the most important thing to convey is your passion - why this is important to you and why you think you can make a real difference. You want to move them.

David McMullen Entrepreneur ~ Ad Man

November 4th, 2014

Every Angel has their own motivators, and you can't possibly guess what they are. So I'd say be yourself and NAIL the elevator pitch. After 5 minutes, drop the mic and walk out! "No questions!" ;)

Clifton Flack #PassionateStrategicMarketer

November 4th, 2014


Pawan Singh Founder at Flotal Care

November 3rd, 2014

i want to participate

Helen Adeosun

November 3rd, 2014

Thank you, Scott I think you're right. My thought is to tell the story and give some gloss about the TAM and a taste of our progress to date. Pawan, if you are a for profit social venture and have a woman co-founder you totally can!

Helen Adeosun

November 4th, 2014

Will Dukes this is an awesome response. The outcome is to secure funding if chosen as the company. I like the structure and will play with timing tonight and Friday. And will know my numbers and know my numbers. Thank you again! Helen Adeosun