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Radu Daniel

cv30 - changing the way professionals find work. Searching - full stack dev, UX growth mk.

I have a project for creating a website alike a social network where users can

  • create account
  • post text, pics and videos
  • follow other users
  • receive notifications
  • create a profile (text, pic, and video)
  • Comment and like other posts
  • Post a question to a section similar to this Q&A forum on cofounderslab

For the time being I want a MVP. without native apps on Android and iOS, but a mobile presence to send push notifications is necessary.

So my questions to the community are:

1. what is you recommendation (back end, front end, database, server, mobile framework, notification system, etc) and why?

2. if the MVP is ok, what programming language allows for easy future development?

3. how much time do you estimate?

thank you