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What things should I take care of while starting a business like "Uber/Hailo for grocery"?

Muhammad Hassan Young Entrepreneur - UI/UX Designer

January 20th, 2017

I want to start an online business to do grocery for people and drop it at their doorsteps the same day. Plan is more like uber for grocery, where drivers would get a notification from people about their grocery list, they'd do shopping for them and drop it at their doorsteps.

What main points should I take care for such a startup?

Sanket Jayn UI/UX Designer, Author, Passionate about Internet.

January 21st, 2017

Amazon Now is already doing what is your approach. But it is a good thing. Imagine creating a startup with no competition. Companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, Uber stood out because they were not the first in their industries. Facebook had myspace and friendster. Google has Yahoo. Apple had IBM. People already used myspace, yahoo, IBM. So what made these big companies stand out was their hard work to do every single thing differently. If there were no Yahoo, and Google was first search engine. People would have to first understand what is a search engine. So Yahoo did that work and Google stood out by doing it uniquely. So its a good thing that you have a competition.

Things you should take care of.

As you said you want to plan it out like Uber. Let me tell you Uber uses Surge Pricing Technology. Their business model is one of a kind. And others are using and implementing their business model to run their startups. But heres the thing. You need to work on Customer Segments and Value Proposition more. And very less on Revenue Stream. Create a great team to work on every single aspect. As for now if your startup is not there yet. Start up investing all your time in perfecting the business model. Get to know your business model inside and out. Do a market research. And dont ever try to do all things by your own. Create a great team and have a shared vision. Startups dont join unicorn club overnight. It takes years or decades. Just know that you are putting everything in right way. Which platform are you using? What APIs you will need? What are your different revenue streams? (In case you have a VC right now) What are biggest mistakes of your competitor? What are you providing different so that customer must go to you and not the other? And last most important question - Why are you doing this thing? - This is most important. Startups fail due to four reasons - 1. People dont try to start it at all. 2. You dont work seriously hard than what is needed. 3. Team is not as passionate as you are. 4. (Most Important) You dont love what you are doing.

If you dont love what you are doing, when you fail you will eventually give up. If you really love doing that thing, you will persevere and hustle. And list yourself someday on the Forbes Magazine.

All my best wishes for your startup.