What to do next?

Michael Sciarra Openminded Solver of Obscure Situations

March 12th, 2017

After 7 years of self funded research and development about a break down in a Nation's Transportation Infrastructure.... You developed a prototype, its working. Now you need to scale a roughly 3000 sq ft per location foot print to over 3000 possible governmental owned land mass locations, to fix a social economic issue affecting more then just the Nation itself.

What do you do next?

Overall, your movement now consists of roughly just over 400 people, who enjoy the concept. You've approached a few State Senators, a Congressman, some Lobbyists, those working in State and County/Regional Level Economic Development and even reached out to the controlling transportation authority to ask for grants. The spark to ignight the catalyst sitting on a powder keg is just missing...... Most likely because you are the raw talent, sometimes viewed by non innovator's as crazy, when you really are the eccentric innovator, that structure and people who are a part of structure typically run away from or sadly try to extinguish. What to do, as really at this point, access to funding and a manufacturing center (a center that you could literally build yourself with funding) to work in without being disrupted is truly the only spark missing? Also, not disrupted is key, as you have already built a small manufacturing center that you have been locked from and you may loose your prototype facility and the center if your State fails to intervene to protect your rights on the States Property, all caused by the actions of a P3 contractor the State Placed to manage the States Property.