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What to keep in mind while developing a software that is to be integrated to POS?

Ankur Rawat Visionary and go getter. I feel joy in creating something of value and change the norms.

September 3rd, 2019

Developing a software that can send digital receipts from any Point Of Sale software by integrating with it. What hurdles can we face and what to keep in mind while doing it?

David Insro Founder & CEO, Serial Entrepreneur

September 4th, 2019

Developing the software to integrate with a single POS is straightforward. The problem is the market is very fragmented. Walk into 100 businesses and they'll have 100 different POS systems so you'll have to write 100 separate integrations. If you search for companies that do this, they'll typically have a webpage with the list of integrations and it'll have 500-1000 companies on it that they've taken years to develop. You'll then look at a neighbouring country and see another 1000 different POS systems.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

September 4th, 2019

POS systems also vary by industry. The restaurant industry has over 630 different POS systems in use. However, you can usually find that there is a top selection of 3-5 POS systems across any industry. For example, if you integrate with Aloha, Micros, and Squirrel in the restaurant business, you'll cover probably >80% of restaurants. I suspect that these entrenched systems have equivalently entrenched counterparts in other industries.

The biggest issue I encounter with digital receipts is entering your email address if you're not already in the system. And how you can or can't store the contact information if the customer is a repeat customer so you don't have to ask twice. Spelling an email address for a store clerk is a hassle. As a result, you need to test your assumptions about whether customers actually care enough to get digital receipts, or if you're chasing something people don't really want to use.

gkraeger Looking for a partner that can setup a sales team and/or partnerships.

September 6th, 2019

Omnivore https://omnivore.io/ has a pos api that will eliminate the need to write code to integrate with several POS systems. You can see the pos system work with here https://omnivore.io/universal-api/

Ankur Rawat Visionary and go getter. I feel joy in creating something of value and change the norms.

September 8th, 2019

OK so i am gonna hire someone to create a software demo and see where things go from there. I searched for a tech guy for so long but looks like hiring is the best option for now. Thank you guys for all your comments. They were helpful.