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What to use as a expectation/job description?

Craig Conlee

October 4th, 2015

I have this amazing candidate that I don't want to pass up. She has her law degree and she is excited to join my team. 
Her skill sets and experiences is amazing around a person that is willing to wear multiple hats. (HR,reviewing legal docs, investor terms, employment equity, on boarding, interviewing, scheduling, IP and ETC)
That being said, how do I write up her expectations, time commitment, title, and equity. Cofounder status? I have a good problem, but I want to make sure if there was a repository of data to reference or someone with a similar experience. 

Doreen SPHR Recruitment, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Startup & Technology Recruitment, HR & Recruitment Expert

October 4th, 2015

Brian and Joe offer some good thoughts for you.  To add to that, food for thought... if you are serious about offering her a co-founder status, you can create an agreement/plan for her to earn it.  I've come across many startup founders that selected co-founders without the appropriate agreements.  When it doesn't work out, they did not have a clear exit strategy in place.  Very messy, and no one wins.
With regard to equity share, you can google business magazines, like Fortune and others, where their reporters did research and reported their findings on percentages of equity given across various job titles and with regard to the stage of the startup.  
Also, consider using an assessment with her that will give you some measurement of her leadership and entrepreneurial abilities.
I find Joe's idea of collaborating with her on a job description, is a method I've seen work well.  For your part of the collaboration, to be prepared, get on a job board where you can look up CFO, COO, etc, and VP roles.  It will help you sort for the best title for her role, and also help you with selecting other KSAO's that will be best for your business.
Best Wishes.

Brian McConnell

October 4th, 2015

Have the candidate write it and then collaboratively edit. Sent from my mobile phone. Please excuse any typos or discombobulations.

Nicholas Meyler Recruiter/Broker for "Disruptive"​ Talent. Questing for the Next $Trillion Unicorn.

October 4th, 2015

Your statement begs the question: "Without a job description, how dd you recruit her?" What employee number is she? She doesn't sound like a "Co-founder" unless she is employee #2 or #3. How did you acquire the candidate? What does she want to do? What do you want her to do? How much equity do you think she should have? Too many variables remain unknown to provide a better answer, I think. Nick Meyler

Paul Murskov

October 4th, 2015

Hey Craig, That is a great question and a lot of times for clients we need to create job descriptions for them in order to identify the ideal candidate. Unfortunately, in some cases it is difficult to think of everything someone will have to do (as far as tasks and responsibilities). My advice here is to go 30,000 foot view and be as general as possible. Create separate buckets for what her main functions are going to be. Keep in mind that Title and Equity / Comp are more geared toward the offer so you can include that as you send her the written offer. Things like expectations, time commitment, responsibilities, etc - you can simply create a one pager that she can sign off on and re-evaluate the requirements after 30 days to include anything else you may have missed. So I would start with something like this: HR: Create job descriptions for various positions Create offer letters including title equity salary etc Advertise positions on job boards and manage candidate pipeline Schedule and hold phone / F2F interviews with candidates etc Legal: Review legal documents and investor terms Draft legal documents for review etc As far as actually getting some templates - I typically just run a google search for “Sample sales offer letters” or something to that effect and that gives me a baseline so that I can then modify it to a specific candidate / role. Finally I recommend something like docusign or pandadoc to digitize and make the docs signable. This way it speeds up the onboarding process and keeps track of all documents you have out for signature. Hope this helps! Paul

Joe Albano, PhD Using the business of entrepreneurialism to turn ideas into products and products into sustainable businesses.

October 4th, 2015

There seem to be several variables in play here. 
  • How do you want to have her compensation structured (salary, equity, profit / revenue sharing)? 
  • What are her expectations regarding compensation? 
  • Are there other factors (working hours, professional development, etc.) that might influence the decision of either party?
Templates are a good starting point, but nothing beats an honest and open conversation. 

Mike Whitfield Sr. Software Engineer, EPAM, Google

October 4th, 2015

Answering since I am in a group of disgruntled millennials sharing their employment misadventures leading up to graduate school and the first job thereafter.

Paul, there are *many* more job seekers than there are employers, else the "entrepreneur boom" wouldn't exist.  Personally, I present all the risks to my potential hires up-front.  Hypothetically, what deals does Zealr have in the works?  Early on, you need HR infrastructure and you'd like this gal to build that for you, right?  It should take her 3 months, or so.   Do you have a plan to compensate her aside from equity?  She probably has debts she needs to begin paying in 6m.  If I was her, I'd want to do the HR work for you in 3m full-time, then move to part time between 3m-6m so I could find an actual legal job.  I'd want the end title to read something lawyer-like and I'd want you to introduce me to an actual law firm you'd have prepare your documents.  I'd only want cash compensation.  This presumes I was a freshly graduated JD looking to break into business law via the VC world and I want to get experience at a hot startup.  I'd pick somewhere with more than 10M in the bank, however.  Anyone around her would tell her the same.  Is this in the ballpark?

p.s. are there any yurts in Yorba Linda?