Audio · Speech recognition

What use cases will drive large scale adoption of audio mining by SMB's?

Jeh Daruvala Founder & CEO - Yactraq Online Inc.

February 9th, 2016

Advances in speech analytics technology are poised to democratize the audio mining industry by making hitherto costly solutions economically viable to SMBs, but will these solutions be readily adopted by a market that has been traditionally under-served?

Legacy speech tech solutions, while very good at what they do, have traditionally been beyond the grasp of SMB's due to enterprise level price tags and lengthy project timelines. With recent advancements in machine learning, mass customization of audio mining & indexing can now be done cost effectively, and at both speed and scale. This disruptive advancement will allow even the smallest businesses to gain access to audio mining solutions that could be critical to their success. Yet given the lack of any of these solutions for the SMB market to date, how much education will be needed to elevate the perception of value of these solutions to a level that will drive widespread adoption? Additionally, which industries most desperately need these solutions and might produce early SMB adopters?