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What would be the recommended roles for a co-founder in this case

Eduardo Fonseca Cloud Architect, Senior .NET Software Engineer

September 10th, 2020

I've been developing a system for some time and the MVP is finally published.

My main area of expertise is in Software Development, and for the system to work I need a couple of things

* Better strategy for creating the user-base

* Better strategy to create more business opportunities around the system functionality

* Better marketing strategy

What role would be recommended to have in a potential co-founder?

Thanks for the help

Laura Cameron Experienced in operations, finance, management, startup, and fundraising

Last updated on September 10th, 2020

IT, Software experienced Business/Market Development person. If you are unable to source yourself, consider a Tech based recruitment firm for a list of people with these bullets you supplied and my additions. Then when speaking with the candidates, talk about the co-founder opportunity as well, but lead with experience first.

Michael Baker

September 10th, 2020

Pre-product-market fit, you basically need 2 people, a product guy (you), and a distribution guy (who will handle all the stuff you highlighted as missing). Look for someone who's done it before or you'll pay for their education. A great book for hiring (or finding anyone) is WHO by Geoff Smart.

David M

September 11th, 2020

These tasks usually fall under a COO or CEO position, although those two roles generally are capable of and do perform any and all necessary jobs to build the company which are far more roles than the few you have listed (if they are good employees). Creating a user base certainly falls under marketing. Strategy for more business opportunities? You would have to explain that in more detail. If it is high level...i.e..create collaborations with other established companies that would lean more on the COO, CEO role. But if it is lower level opportunities that too could fall under marketing. If you built a solid business plan, and you feel competent as the could be you just need a V.P of Marketing. Interview by being honest about what you need and let the candidate run with ideas. If it is a fit, you will know. Don't get caught up in needing someone who has done your specific industry. That could help, but it could also greatly limit. The last thing you need as a startup is someone locked in on industry group think! You need a go getter and entrepreneurial/innovative minded person first and foremost because you are a startup. You could hire someone who looks great on paper, but if he/she doesn't have that fire in their gut to build...credentials on paper mean very little.

Lisa Cutter Marketing Maven

September 23rd, 2020

Personally, I'd consider not looking for a marketing savvy co-founder but outsource this. There are marketing agencies who focus on strategy so this is where I would start. You can hire them to develop the needed strategies and plans for you (or team) to implement, or the agency can also implement. If you need a recommendation, let me know.