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What would like to have in a product management software built for Startups?

Adil Berdai Looking for tech co-founder. Product manager 18yr exp. Building SaaS platform for product Managers

July 20th, 2019

We are building a dead simple product management solution for Startups that is simple to use yet flexible. other tools are complex and not a fit for startups. I want to understand more about what things are a must for you as a startup using this product management solution so that we prioritize it.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

July 25th, 2019

Without understanding what "product management" means to you and what problems your software is intended to solve, no one can blindly guess what your parameters should be.

This is supposed to be your industry to serve. What issues have you identified with current solutions that you think are being missed, underserved, or done poorly? If it's so dead simple, where's the description? I don't even have a clue why I would need a product management system.

Not all product manufacturing is the same. Not all definitions of a product are the same.

How different is your solution? Is it 20% different, 50% different? To get people to change their habits using tools, a dramatic difference is usually required, greater than 50% from how they do things today. How will it personally benefit users?

Let's back up a minute. Here's my suggestion. Instead of soliciting ideas from an audience in a forum where almost no product managers hang out, write a list of all the individual assumptions you have made that lead you to believe there's a better project management solution to be had. The first assumption is your definition of product management. I would bet money that fewer than 20% of people you ask will define product management the same way that you do.

Do product managers feel underserved? Do product managers want a software solution versus some other type of solution? How much pain do they feel today? What do they do without a solution like yours? Do the bosses of product managers see the problems the same way the product managers do? Is there even a separate product management role in a startup? Do startups know the value of product management tools or that tools even exist? The list goes on.

I understand your eagerness to have a great set of features, but features don't sell a product. Benefits sell a product. It's an important difference. Good luck.

Adil Berdai Looking for tech co-founder. Product manager 18yr exp. Building SaaS platform for product Managers

July 25th, 2019

Hi Paul, thank you for your input. Very insightful.

We are building a Software to help product managers manage the roadmap and understand what to build next. Our target market will be mainly software teams building Mobile or Web solution for their customers or internally.

Typically product managers share these areas of needs:

Intake - They need to know what to build and how to prioritize it. What to build next - and why. We think of this as intake.

Manage - they need an easy way to know what is being built and where they are. A way to manage priorities and make sure they are still focused on what they set to work on. Distraction is very easy.

Visibility - this is less for Startups, but product managers are constantly asked to share progress, roadmap, etc. they need a way to provide elegant and quick status on where they are through a roadmap or a kanban board.

Tools used are many, and many of them are complex and require setup, etc.

We believe there is a need for a simple product management tool that startup teams can use and get things done without complex configuration and setup.

Would love to hear what do you think with this in mind.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

July 26th, 2019

I appreciate the further detail, someone ought to be able to contribute more specific thoughts with the focus you've provided. I am not one of those people. You're speaking a foreign language to me with what you've described. I have no reference for what any of that is.