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What would you do? Business-Performance-Physician. Looking for a startup to join or co-founders for Startup Studio

May 30th, 2017

I'm building a PaaS (Platform as a Service) project. Now I reached a point where I'm not sure in which way I should go.

A few years back I started this project and now we are getting close to finishing the MVP (Minimal Viable Product). Slowly is time to get some traction. At this moment we have zero traffic and zero users.

I financed the whole project myself - no investors, no partners - and now I reach the point where I need help.

I have a few options in my mind, and also a lot of questions. I'm seeking the "wisdom of the crowd" to help me make this decision.

Option #1: Finding a Co-Founder

It would be very helpful if I could find a PR/communication/writer co-founder to help me spread the words.

- Where should I look for one?
- How can I make sure he or she will be dedicated as I am?
- How many percentsshould I offer for a co-founder?
- What's the step-by-step procedure?

Option #2: Get funded

It would be super helpful if one or even more angel investors would fund this project, so I can hire a few PR/communication/writer professionals and programmers too.

- Where should I look for investors?
- What should be my first step getting my foot in the office?
- What should I prepare for a pitch like this PowerPoint presentation, Business Plan?
- Any good advice where should I get some examples and tips to prepare myself?
- How much should I ask for and for how many percents?

Option #3: Crowdfunding

Maybe I should start a small seed funding on Kickstarter - or similar - website. With a small seed fund, I can attract some user to the site and then raise some fund.

- How do I calculate how much seed fund do I need? I don't want to ask for too much or for too less.
- Where should I post my project?
- There are so many websites, which one fits my needs?

What would you do?

Thank you


June 1st, 2017

Arthur Lipper - would you be so kind as to stop spamming all these questions with your royalty scam?

Rogelio Triviño CEO at, leveraging custom software for a better world

May 31st, 2017

I've seen your site and seems far from MVP. On two sides markets the first problem to resolve is the chicken-and-egg problem. You must attract people to your site and convince on use it and load it with data, and I don't see even a geopositioned map on first page for searches. MVP means validated for your users needs.

Also, you need bots to extract data from your competition and fill your site with initial data so is useful for first time viewers, for any profile. (Airbnb filled his db with initial data from craiglist)

Also, on convincing partners or investors you need a solid business plan. As newcomer, seems you plan to give your services for free, to overpass actual players on this field, so what's your plan, living on ads, premium services? You'll need a lot of traffic and millions of users to sustain that. Are your servers and app designed for so much traffic? are you really scalable? Have you do load tests over your systems?

Sorry for be so bold, is just what you must expect when you ask for investments or partnerships.

Best regards.

osar cabada ...

May 30th, 2017

a co-funder who knows how to do a launching campaign and early adopters who can work as influencers in your market.

Nickolay Kolev Freelancer at Private

May 31st, 2017

I believe you need to work with an UX person first to make your message clear. I feel like there is a lot of information, but not sure where should I start and what the website is all about. Not sure I understand the service you are offering.

In terms of the 3 options. Judging by the questions you are asking, I believe it will be valuable for you to join an incubator program. All these questions require serious research and answers need to be customized for your case.

Start with what is your goal. Then how many people and what kind of people you will need to get there. Then see what skills you are lacking and look for people that can help you with that skillset. Give yourself for seed round funds 18 months runway. What are going to be using the funds for?

As it was suggested, I believe in your case creating a good business plan will be extremely helpful and in fact necessary, before you even start considering which way to go.


June 1st, 2017

Arthur- the scam is you pretending to give advice, where in reality you're posting all over the place about a product from which you're standing to benefit personally.



June 1st, 2017

Arthur- All you're doing is repeating yourself, hawking a proprietary system that nobody has heard of, or has any reason to trust. "Royalties are the better way of both investing in and financing of companies" - says you, and ONLY you. Which combined with this mass advertising is a classic warning sign of a snake-oil sales pitch.

So again- please STFU, you decrepit ambulance chaser.