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What's the best way to get an online course peer-reviewed by other entrepreneurs?

Vlad Khomutov Founder @ Fast Venture, Founder @ Propel Digital, Co-Founder @Webreel, Co-founder @Fitland

July 13th, 2018

I built a free online course designed for first-time founders. After a private beta with a small group of founders, I opened the doors to the public.

I would like to get other founders / entrepreneurs to peer-review it and add their own examples, stories, etc.

What channels / strategies would you recommend to reach founders and ask for their feedback in a diplomatic way?

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

July 13th, 2018

It probably depends on what the course is meant to cover. If your course description is accurate, then you can create a landing page that describes the course, offers free access in trade for evaluation, and prepare your evaluation in advance so you're sending them the criteria you want them to consider along with the access key to your training. There are tons of places to advertise this kind of thing. The question is whether you promote it with a paid ad (minimal cost) or if you're hoping to find a free advertising vehicle. If you need free, then talk to an influencer in the space you're targeting and ask if they'd like to offer free access to their audience in trade for evaluation of the course content.

David M

July 21st, 2018

Fortunately, and unfortunately we are in the time of "entrepreneurship" being a buzz word and a fad that many use with little understanding of the process. It is good because it creates a customer base, those who need guidance. It is bad, because many of those who need guidance do not know they need guidance..often until it is too late AND there are entrepreneurship training, name it in every mid sized city. In the states there is a saturation of free training from SBA type non profits. I would suggest connecting with universities though I know that will be met with great myopia. I taught entrepreneurship to college seniors. When I met with the chair for the position, he said I could use his syllabus. I asked him what he had actually started...nothing..then I looked at his syllabus which taught all the wrong I handed it back to him and told him I would create my own course..which I did over a course of about 8 months because I wanted students to get more out of the class than a grade. And I helped many students realize how smart and capable they were and guided them to start businesses. I say that only because you have to compete with universities too. You might find a base at universities but again be prepared for the myopic nature of tenured faculty to get in your way.

Your website design is stellar, however, personally I don't like sites that don't provide access to the material without me signing up. Its not "free" if I can't access it on your site and every thing is locked. At the very least, give a brief sample. (Maybe you are not in full launch mode yet though) I get what you are doing, and had thought about doing it myself in which I create about 30-40 informational series on the various elements of starting a business. I may still, but primarily I am wanting to operate on a much smaller scale with high quality. And part of the challenge I had when I toyed with the idea is the same you do you get enough people to pay attention to you and your information.

I being frank..I would never buy what you are selling. $997 a month? Im assuming you mean 9.97 a month? Unless you are talking about one on one intense strategic development and $997 is extremely low.

Your information set up also could probably be refined. I think the average beginning entrepreneur could get overwhelmed by the information in its current format. But again..Im one person.

I think you are going to have to pull together a board of advisors as well. Not that your resume is not solid, but in the age of inflated bios I can find 50 guys boasting the same accolades as you in about 20 minutes searching LinkedIn. Now maybe yours is legit and theirs is inflated, but you still have to compete with them and any false/inflated credentials. And I don't know how you do that in your format other than a board of sorts. Maybe get some of the people with the companies you have designed websites for. Again, something I have been challenged with as I recently started my own Entrepreneurial Strategy company.

I have worked with or have contacts to stellar individuals, billionaires, "captains of industry" etc. No way I am advertising that because I would rather work with the entrepreneur on a one on one basis and evaluate who and what he/she needs to build their company. And plus, I can open any door just about that I have ever tried to.

The resources page is a cool idea...I would add categorize them if you can place them into categories. For example "web forums where the same question is asked repeatedly by a pool of 50 people from a site that claims tens of thousands of exclusive members" You would put CoFounders lab under that section :). kidding. But for example "Accounting/Record Keeping" "Social, open forums for discusion" "Graphic design for Webpages" "Webpage hosting" For example...right now, I am considering creating a logo for business to add to my trademarked name. If I could go to your resources and see "Logo Design" that would be of help. Then do SEO that guides searches to your site, because currently there are no direct links for "entrepreneur logo design"


Vlad Khomutov Founder @ Fast Venture, Founder @ Propel Digital, Co-Founder @Webreel, Co-founder @Fitland

July 26th, 2018

Thanks for the write up David M.

Just to address some of your points:

  1. When I work with clients directly, they happily pay me $10-15K per month to do the same work that I want to offer in a small group environment for under $1K per month. I am not sure whether you read the program description, but this is a growth accelerator for companies that are already at multiple 6 figure ARR and want to scale to beyond 7 figures. At this stage, the problems they face are all very similar. It's about process and KPIs.
  2. My bio is not inflated. It's just a record of what I've done. Every single claim is verifiable.
  3. Good points about a preview of content. I've opened up a good portion of the Foundation course which you can read without registering.
  4. A board of advisors to suit what need? If you are referring to a group of domain experts, there's a partner network. The purpose of that group is to help growing companies accelerate. But this is not a beginner's program; that would be a part of $997/mo market fit accelerator.

My original question was about channels to vet the content and get feedback from other entrepreneurs. But thanks for the notes regardless.