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Whats the key marketing advise to consider to get an eCommerce site off the ground ?

Mahmoud Elsaid Entrepreneur-LamasaTech MD for Signage,Touch Screen & Kiosk Solutions-Technology Innovation/Business Strategy Consultant

March 10th, 2015

We recently decided to open up an online store that sells electronic equipment from various warehouses we operate.. We have everything in place for fulfillment, stock management, online payment, pricing models(competitive in set products and little expensive in others) etc... Currently in the last phase applying SSL certificates to get thing off the ground. 

1. We have existing customers that we will market this to them however we want to rely on mass market using effective marketing methods and not just relying on orders from existing customers. Any thoughts on where to start to get website traction online, more visits and orders?

2. How to leverage ads to get customers searching for specific product to see our ad on google and facebook like amazon and john lewis? as when you visit a product page on amazon or some ecommerce sites, suddenly on facebook you find google ads and facebook ads specifically showing you ads for that product on other ecommerce stores?

3. How to identify in an informed manner the budget that need to be spent on adwords etc.. ?

Stuff we know we need to do but its effect will not be strong or will be very slow :
- SEO optimization
- General publicity on linkedin, twitter etc..
- Newsletter to existing customers
- promotional period (Free shipping for example)

*Note: Some of the pages may not work because of the work being done to apply the SSL certificates. but to give you an idea, there will be over 6000 products on the system in the different sectors showing on the left.

Ricardo Berri's Founder, MI Group

March 11th, 2015

I think you could try to join existing marketplaces that already have some traffic. Getting a storefront on Amazon and / or eBay could be helpful. I find that being in more places help with leveraging. But like the previous comments, you need a strategic roadmap and time to make this work.


Andrew Lockley Investments & consulting for tech startups

March 10th, 2015

You're talking about retargeting. Concentrate on adwords Roi not spend. Start small, work up.

Mariano Cardoner Director at eTips

March 10th, 2015

Hi Mahmoud, you need to well profile your target customers, and then for immediate results you need to set up a SEM campaigns in Google (adwords). Do a well research of target keywords and start testing ads and markets with little budget until you get to the right equation of ROI, then start raising the budget spent.

Let me know if you need any help on setting it up.

Katya Constantine User Acquisition and Omni-Channel Marketing Expert

March 10th, 2015

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Travis Russi

March 10th, 2015

What's your unique competitive advantage?  As Sam said, 'Why You'?  Why not Amazon or eBay?

Said another way, what's your core competency?  It sounds like you have some expertise around fulfillment.  I'd spend time evaluating how best to leverage your strengths.

Unless you have some secret sauce, it's going to be very expensive to go head-to-head with all the established players in the eCommerce space.

If you are going to go for a direct consumer eCommerce play (not advised), you need to get hyper specific on your target market.  Don't try to boil the ocean.


March 12th, 2015

Will be anxiously following this thread is this is exactly the issue I am dealing with for my ecommerce site. I came to founder dating with the thought of possibly taking on a partner/CMO to help with these issues.