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What's your best advice on scaling a sales team?

Danny Schaffer I help startups find and convert better prospects through LinkedIn

December 16th, 2017

I got some great insights from an article on what it takes to become a great sales leader and grow a high performing sales team. Some ideas I hadn't considered like:

“...when top sellers promoted into management, they don’t have to think about selling too much – so they can’t describe it.”

“Managers often focus on advanced skills, because they are good sellers, but you can’t just focus on that. For example, why can’t a new person close? Is it listening? Is it Confidence?”

“You have to work backwards from advanced skills to the root skill that prevents them from excelling.”

Would be very interested to find out from you all how you've dealt with these sorts of challenges over the years.

What have been your biggest lessons in leading and scaling your sales teams?