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What's your experience creating an MVP for your startup?

Roland Saenz Former Startup CTO, Freelance Software Consultant

July 13th, 2019

Curious whether you actually created an MVP and if you did then did you do any customer research or discovery before working on an MVP (minimum viable product) or if you got any help on it.

Thanks so much for your input!

Anuj B. Gopal Seasoned Entrepreneur who grew a bootstrapped AIoT startup to clock $15M revenue. Seeking co-founder

July 13th, 2019

Hi Roland,

We operate on b2b & b2b2c business models for a variety of user persona.

Yes, we do customer and market research, followed by multiple MVPs(minimal viable prototypes) to gain quantitative learning about users pain points and motivations. Whenever possible we have conducted direct customer interview to validate the product idea on commercial and execution scale.

By following the mantra of 'SELL PRODUCT BEFORE BUILDING', we have saved lots of resources while building product that customer loves.

My approach in conducting mvp for b2b/b2b2c products:

  • Discover a potential client, pitch your idea to him and asked for a trial. If they didn't agree ask them reason (that will give you a deeper insight about industry and problem statement) otherwise congratulations you got a client with successful mvp experiment.
  • If your client is a senior executive level person then you can conduct mvp via sending email or pitch deck followed by a video or phone call. These are very busy guys so don't expect much time from them. Your content should be precise and clearly state promised value preposition. Best ways if you can meet them personally somehow.

MVPs for b2c products/services:

  • Depend upon your target audience demography you can goto a Coffee cafe, Night club, College/School, Gym, Sports club, Cafeteria of an IT park and startup conferences to give a early trial of your dummy product, video brochure or survey. There are lots of way to create an mvp for such audience. Higher creative idea give you an easier execution.
  • Sending mass email would be an option but the success rate is 2% only. So to drive higher success rate, first send email to your known contact and then ask them to pass on their direct connections.

Always remember, your knowledge about consumer and industry is the first product of your startup. So if you can sell that then you will sell the product as well.

Please feel free to reach me if you required further help.


Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

July 15th, 2019

The term minimum viable product comes from a methodology called the lean startup. If you are not following the entire philosophy and series of steps, the system does not work reliably. You are just creating a product from your guesses. That's the thing about systems, they are not pick-and-choose. You either buy into the whole system as the entirety of the methodology you will use, or you cannot expect the results the method promises.

So yes, you absolutely need to complete the research and assumption and refinement steps prior to beginning your product creation and during the development process. If you need a better explanation of the steps, just get a book on the lean startup.

The methodology for creating an MVP does not only refer to software products, it can be for any product or service.

David Smith Founder & CEO, Expert in solving BIG problem, Tenacious, Team Builder with Vision, Mission Driven

July 16th, 2019

Yes created a MVP after working with 500+ clients to automate a developed manual process. A pilot program was initiated for 6 months and the modifications to our platform were put in operation. April began working with a Co-Founder as our CTO will be beta testing new platform this month.

Ajané Hinton Co-founder Now Open App, Inc.

July 17th, 2019

We've conducted interviews and social engagement testing with our potential B2C and B2B users and now we are currently building our prototype to test with our users. I believe that if we build our MVP w/o testing UX/UI experience, we won't receive the best results/information from our MVP because we failed to understand the experience our user are seeking when engaging with our platform.

Samuel Morhaim Tech rainmaker for successful startups!

July 17th, 2019

Every new project should be started as an MVP or as a v1 of a large plan.

And every MVP does need feedback, and research, just enough to make an educated guess, but not so much that it delays too long the creation of the MVP.

Our main business is MVP development but immediately after the first release, thats when the actual learning, feedback and research being.

If you need any help with MVP's, hit me up.