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What's your go-to-market strategy when it comes to lead generation?

Katrina Chua Marketing Manager

Last updated on March 28th, 2018

Nowadays, generating leads has never been easy. Lead generation became the norm in order to survive and keep the business running. Now that various of discoveries are popping out, especially with technology, changes in business and marketing became constant. In order to stay on track in your lead generation campaign, you need to upgrade your strategy. Some may still be effective, some may not. But despite of all the instances affecting lead generation, each one of us has our own go-to-market strategy. Mind if you share yours with us?

martin webb Founder Tudodesk (Looking for a marketer, sales, content builder)

Last updated on March 28th, 2018

Lead generation is all about hard work - or should i say hard labour. The most consistent way to build an endless flow of leads from your business for zero cost (if you price your time as free) is online. In fairness lead generation is all about communicating and these days communicating has shifted online.

The problem for some, is building an online funnel is a lot of unpaid work. It does not get instant results (unless your using paid media - ie Facebook ads, or Google ads - and for that you need a deep pocket).

My go-to strategy is to try and build the biggest online fishing net possible. I believe traffic is key. And targeted traffic at that.

The first step is landing pages. If you have a business you need a 247 entrance for customers to approach, landing pages (a website or single page) is the first step

The Call to Action (CTA)

Your landing page needs a clear CTA - so many small business owners simply fail to do this. They see the website as a social gallery to show off their richness, their product their glamour. They fail to realize that the object is simple: if your selling a product or a service have a clear LARGE button right below your USP that tells your lead exactly what to do next. For example if your company sells sash windows and you need to make an appointment to price the job have a big button "Free survey and estimate" on top of that huge picture of your last job.

Hiding the contact form way down the page is just plain daft!

Keep the landing page simple. You don't need to distract the prospect with all your other pages, save that for later. People like to click so if all your buttons lead to the CTA page - that's exactly what they will do - If you put lot's i navigation across your page - they will simply click away. We want leads not readers!

Deliver the product

Whatever your CTA is make sure you have a funnel to deal with it. Make sure you get that lead instantly and you have a platform process to deal with it FAST! This is 2018. Think like Tinder act like Uber. If you don't respond to that CTA with your product or service in minutes, your lead will click elsewhere - The secret is to catch a lead and convert it fast and with minimal effort.

At my company, our product Tudodesk delivers leads live into our app. And it takes seconds to deliver a proposal or a Quote. The proposal has live chat and the system tracks the proposals so you know when they are read. This is the kind of technology you need to build leads in 2018.

Send traffic to your landing pages

This is the hard part. Getting traffic. The first most important is on page SEO. Make sure your page spells out exactly the problem your lead is trying to solve. If they want Sash windows in Los Angeles They make sure your title and page copy address that need. Quality Sash Windows In LA.

Start submitting.

Submit your page to google, use Google Search Console. Submit it to google places and bing places. Verify your listings. Search for any industry directories where you can list your site. Share it across social.

Build copy

Start a blog, use medium write related content link it to your landing page. Write copy and more copy. Keep writing, keep linking, keep sharing.

Make a video

Post it. Link it, Share it.

Build more landing pages. and more copy and repeat the process.

If you know who your prospect is. Email him. Use software like close.io to send emails, yes it might be a bit spam-y but nobody is successful sticking to rules. You need to break the rules think outside the sheep farm. Write direct personal emails, link to your content. Mail once wait mail again. Point out your unique proposition.

It's easy to find leads use linked-in, search online, use software like fullcontact to find-out the names of business owners.

Now here is the take home. If the above is done properly you can create a net and a funnel so big you will have more leads than your business needs not for a day, a week or a month - For a decade! Unpaid.

As hard as lead generation is, and i know. My god it can be worth it.

Good luck, and most importantly, the gold in all of this...

Find a niche !

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

March 29th, 2018

I disagree with your premise Katrina. Aside from the very confusing and awkward wording of your hypothesis, lead generation is incredibly easy. Perhaps what you meant to say is that generating high quality leads presents some challenges. But just leads of no specific value, I can gin up thousands of worthless leads very easily and waste everyone's time.

Lead generation doesn't start with strategy, it starts with vision. You must first clearly and succinctly define the ideal experience of the customer (external and internal). This will give you a reference point against which you can measure all efforts, as to whether they are moving things closer to the envisioned future experience or not.

Determining an appropriate strategy then depends on your business model and knowing where your money is made. Before selecting a strategy, it's also essential to validate each assumption that has been made. This is a perpetual process. Regular validation of assumptions is key to continued success, because the customers do change over time. A failure to re-validate assumptions is perilous.

So, getting back to your question about sharing strategies, the answer is "it depends." But, I have given you the fundamental criteria that need to be in place to evaluate any strategy at any stage of the business. This is universal procedure instead of examples of strategies that only apply in specific circumstances to specific companies.

Katrina Chua Marketing Manager

March 30th, 2018

Hi Paul,

I respect your view and I agree with you about the high quality leads. I didn't include such words "high" and "quality" in the description for I strongly believe that when it comes to lead generation - it is quality over quantity, no doubt - even without exaggerating the term and mentioning those words.

Also, it was not mentioned above that "lead generation starts with strategy". We all know that in every goal, planning and having a vision is necessary first. The discussion is in the stage where strategies are being talked about. It does not mean that if you're in a different industry, you have resources only limited to yours. Growth hacking exists to experiment and try new processes that may help you in generating leads.

There's so many strategies available to try, but it does not guarantee positive results easily. I support the fundamental criteria you said which can be very helpful in identifying the strategies to use.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

SHARIQUE NISAR Consultant- Business Intelligence | Marketing Strategy | B2B Leads | Automation | Digital Innovation

March 30th, 2018

Lead generation or in more specific form, prospect building is done by almost all companies in some form or the other. The traditional approach of lead generation is rapidly going through a transitioning stage. The need of the hour is to be smart and gain competitive advantage by utilizing “Time Sensitive Sales Trigger”.

So, what do we mean by Time Sensitive Sales Trigger? These are basically events that can lead to quick conversion in your sales and marketing efforts.

Few examples can be- Competitive Changes, Financial Changes, Ownership Changes, Personnel Changes, Recognition Changes.

The above scenarios help companies to target the right prospect with the right solution at the right time.

Also, with social media at its peak, companies have started leveraging social media big time and it’s showing positive impact. Now, apart from dependency on above news and events, companies have also shown great amount of interest in reviews, comments, social post to create real time/concurrent leads for their sales funnel.

I am also happy to share the complete report of my recent stint at consulting, so inbox me.

Selvan Rajan

March 28th, 2018

Don't you think it depends on your sector and product? There are two parts to it: 1. a common practice among your peers and 2. your own unique approach.

Please tell us about your business and product, and we can tell you where to start

Katrina Chua Marketing Manager

Last updated on March 28th, 2018

Hi Selvan,

We are doing great with our lead generation campaign. I've posted this question to gather quick insights from others for compilation of various techniques. This is to let others know and help them with their own lead generation campaign. Anyway, thanks for reaching out.

shadi yazdan On the lookout for the next venture

March 28th, 2018

What if you are creating an online service? How can the go-to-market strategy be implemented to generate a greater success and people using your platform?

Katrina Chua Marketing Manager

Last updated on March 28th, 2018

Hi Martin,

I believe you are focused with your SEO. Thanks for sharing your view.

"Lead generation is all about communication", yes, I agree. And now that the Internet becomes sensational, most of the people attach themselves to it. Communication acts as the focal point. More and more people going online in order to spread their words, what ever intentions they have - business or personal. Online marketing is one of the best go-to-market strategies.

Katrina Chua Marketing Manager

March 28th, 2018

Hi Shadi,

Can you elaborate further what your online services is all about?

Katrina Chua Marketing Manager

March 30th, 2018


Please check Martin's answer above.