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When building a user base, how do you decide between partial or full access to info?

Bernard Ang Bottom line is to build lens to see a new world, rather than features to see an old world better.

September 30th, 2016

I have been working on a pre-MVP travel project and found myself deliberating between allowing new users partial or full access to travel info on the platform. 

Each bears its merits; partial access means the user needs to register and the user base expands. On the other hand, full access to info allows a more complete user experience, letting the user decide if they thumbs up or down the platform enough to register or not. Growth is more organic and slower. 

I've tried to put myself in the user's shoes and back into the developer's side. 

I would love to hear the views on this one. 

Mark Runge CEO at Skemaz. Helping Business Owners gain valuable insights into data they already have with live online dashboards.

September 30th, 2016

By definition MVP means testing the viability of the concept. Expect to pivot many times before you arrive at an optimal marketable solution. Until then you need to put your best possible solution in the hands of potential customers. So go nuts! Put your best foot forward with the most amazing and attractive solution you can come up with. Don't worry about pulling punches. You need real world feedback and as much as you can get. Good luck, Mark.

Ken Anderson Director, Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development, Delaware Economic Development Office

September 30th, 2016

Concur with Mark. MVP by definition means you have a product that is minimally viable, not at its max functionality,but is substantially functional to permit customers to engage. The goal of course being that you might discern through their feedback, the viability of your offering, and subsequently using that feedback, to move towards enhancements, further testing or full functionality. It's and iterative process.You say that you can provide more of a complete user experience, and if you can do that at MVP, as defined above, then you should do that..