When did this forum become a Barbara Walters interview?

Tim Scott

October 11th, 2016

Moderation used to be way aggressive. Now I'm bombarded with all these one sentence context-free open-ended questions. Does anyone else think this forum has become a pure annoyance? Can it be fixed, or Is it time to resign?

Tom Lemmons Founder - Nimbus, Ltd

October 11th, 2016

That is funny as when I got this post, I was in the notification settings turning off a bunch.  I also thought allot of the new discussion were sounding a bit grade schoolish.  I think it may be getting time to resign.  I originally joined FD for meeting and maybe even finding founders and mentors.  It seems like the rules here really made that hard to do with the moderation and such.  It now seems like just another social environment with very little real information.  Just my 2 cents.

Mark Talaba Founder, Vision Former, serial entrepreneur

October 11th, 2016

Thank you, Tim! I’ve noticed the same trend. A particular annoyance: a single person floats out a series of simplistic questions, almost as if the objective is ’notice me,’ rather than getting response to a real need. So lately, I’ve just been skipping past most FD emails. If FD wants to be a serious forum that engages serious people, there needs to be a filter that ensures quality questions. So FD…will there be moderation, or not? Mark

Cody Musser Product at FounderTherapy &

October 11th, 2016

I agree that you're probably seeing lowest common denominator messages posted here. I wouldn't say I haven't seen a few good questions here-and-there, but my guess is that most meaningful discussion has moved to the specialized public Slack groups that have sprung up recently. 

Shobhit Verma Ed Tech Test Prep

October 11th, 2016

Kudos to OneVest founder Alejandro for not deleting this thread.
For the longest time, the policy of FD has been that any criticism will not be tolerated and the user will be threatened.

That said, I am also annoyed by the "planted questions", I have already looked at the LinkedIn profiles of all the newbie quora type questions and I am convinced that there someone is trying to push more content creation by asking whimsical questions.

The problem, I get so many questions which are clearly not important even to the person who asked, that I dont have the time to find and then help the one or two questions which are genuine. As a result, people in real need of an answer will not get a quality response. What's the point of FD anyways ? Just a lead generator for OneVest courses ?
Sorry, but that is not appealing to quality founders who really want to help each other going through actual pains.

Until now, we were fine with the abusive relationship because even though we didn't like excessive moderation, we got good advice here.
But now, as more people like us leave (or stop paying attention), it won't be as valuable to us anymore.

Happy to chat over phone/email. I believe in FD and OneVest, but seems like you guys don't talk to users and do not know what problems you are solving.
I understand monetization is key and necessary but maybe we could brainstorm a better way ?

Tom Cunniff Founder at Cunniff Consulting, B2B Brand Consultancy

October 11th, 2016

Yes, and let's do more than complain here. Please, everybody email the site owners and ask for stronger moderation.

When I send mine, it will contain examples of "Barbara Walters" questions. If you can do the same, it will help make our point and guide the moderators.

David Austin Relentless problem solver and innovator.

October 11th, 2016

Wish there was a way to thumb down questions at the email, which would also have some intelligence to test a sample of users before sending it out to everybody.  Also, it's like people don't even search for an answer and post Qs which where just deeply discussed just recently.  Each post should prompt a search for related posts for the asker to review before posting.

Tom Lemmons Founder - Nimbus, Ltd

October 11th, 2016

I think Michael hit it on the head. What is founder dating? When I enrolled I had to get several people to certify I was what I said, and while I realize this is easy to do or even fake, it gave me a hope that it would be a serious way to meet and talk to founders and entrepreneurs and "date" around for both getting and giving help and partnering. I don't need another Facebook or Quora, etc. I wanted something like the name sounded.

I noticed very quickly that every founder/mentor had basically the same (nearly all) of the types of advice or needs, so searching to find a date returned way too many with little ability to detail down to needs., and the ones you try to contact are not really interested so they ignore the request, so no real dating. So I went to the forums thinking that we could start some relationships there. They were so moderated that any question with a suggestion of substance was deleted, especially if it was oriented toward finding a date.

I know I am just complaining and would like to give more fixes, but to be honest if I knew how to fix it I probably would have started my own service by now. Maybe FD is not what I thought it would be or what I wanted, however here are some ideas to try to help. 1) Force people (advisors especially) to be more specific on their skill set and let others rate them. 2) I think we need the forums moderated to keep from becoming irrelevant but don't stop people from having quality and even personal discussion if they choose to. If I want to ask who can help me with "task A" and let people respond, that is what finding a date is like. Have it a type so I can get notified when someone asks for help on X when I can do X. 3) be willing to get rid of people that don't play nice. Give them warning or two but then ban them. I know they can create a new account but they would lose any ratings and go back to bottom of system.

These were suggestions I could think of this morning, and I am sure there are many issues with each one. But it goes back to what FD is trying to be. If it is really a "dating" site for entrepreneurs/founders/advisors, it cannot be a Facebook or even linked-in. If it wants to be one of those then good luck, I have plenty of those to waste my time on. Again my 2 Cents that is worth about that.

Tom DiClemente Management Consulting | Interim CEO/COO | Coach

October 11th, 2016

Hello Alejandro,

There does not appear to be any moderation at this point. As far as self-moderation, while most contributors make positive comments and build on each other, there are a select few who use it as a forum to insult others. The latter behaviour is likely to increase with self-moderation.

I have to say that I wonder sometimes if those asking very cryptic questions, some time after time, are actually real. While I have not been a member very long, I've seen some great questions and discussions. The originators of those types of questions normally join in with follow-up or develop their questions further. Those asking cryptic questions seem to throw it out there and are never heard from again, until their next cryptic and unrelated question.

Somewhat piling on here but I hope a bit of that is additive. I myself have been thinking about this issue and considering abandoning FD.

Thanks, Tom

David M

October 11th, 2016

My two cents, 

-limit the amount of questions one user can post per week or month. (already mentioned in part by another.)  Some of the questions are well thought out.  Some are not in line with the brand of FounderDating being a place for at least moderately experienced entrepreneurs.  Im waiting to see a question, "should I cater Pizza or Italian to founder meetings." :)  Some of the individuals rapid posting questions have very little business experience.  Im not opposed to their participation, but they seem to fill the discussions with many questions each week, diluting the overall substance.

I too like others have gotten to where I ignore and hit the delete button.

-Enforce the self promotion Ban and solicitation ban.  I have seen several "advisors" in here that constantly direct discussions toward their own personal business.  Many of which have no business advising.  Often they contribute nothing do the discussion other than a self plug.  I have no problem with connecting.  I have had several members ask to connect with me on Linked In.  That part is great..really good feature.  But the constant "go to this website...which I run" or "I wrote a book on it is" contributes nothing to this forum.

Change the Name.  When I discuss FounderDating, almost all have said "that is a terrible name."  With others I have to explain its not a place where business owners go to find dates :)   I was having a professional conversation with a colleague the other day, and when I mentioned FounderDating he started laughing, and I had to walk back "Wait...its not what you think." :) Just saying its a step above FounderHookUp.

Alyssa Martina Founder and CEO, Memloom, a digital storytelling company; Brand & Nonprofit Storyteller; Tech & Media Entrepreneur

October 11th, 2016

Tim, thank you for this post! I have been feeling EXACTLY the same way. I wonder if FD is simply trying to generate views by having all of these inane one question postings sent out. I even tried to change my notification settings to stop getting so many but to no avail. I still get inundated with daily posts and have also been thinking of suspending my participation as a result. 

I love the idea of FD but it has to work for all of us and quite frankly, it isn’t. It’s just a bombardment of questions, most of which could be answered by a quick google search or with a low-level discussion among startups.

You are correct when you - and others - say that FD has become very annoying! This needs to get resolved or a lot of us will simply jump off.