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When it comes to spreading the word about startups on social media channels, which platform do you think has the highest ROI?

Junard Quijano Freelance Contractor/Virtual Assistant at Upwork

October 9th, 2016

For example, if you were working with a b2b software company in the fintech space that is focused on acquiring new customers, where would you allocate your dollars?

Andria Younger, MA

November 1st, 2016

It really comes down to the social platform your client avatar "idea client" is most active on.  I agree with Lucas, test, test, test.  Social media is a time sucker.  If you are new to social media, start with two platforms and master.  

For B2b, I like to use LinkedIn and Twitter.  For B2C, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

For millennials, its Snapchat and Instagram. 

Gook luck!

Chris Kieff Sprinklr- Global Director of Security Operations, Helping Enterprise with Digital Customer First Transformation

November 2nd, 2016

The answer is no one social channel will serve all of your needs. LI is good for B2B and reaching the C-suite, Twitter is where you will find influencers, Snapchat for millennials and Instagram for visuals. And targeted advertising on all of the channels which support ads is also essential especially on Facebook.
You'll need to try all of the popular channels and see where you can get traction with an audience. You may find early traction on Twitter which moves to Facebook or Instagram as you mature. The most important things are a steady communications plan with prompt engagement with your audience when they ask you questions. And don't just broadcast or be self-serving, you need to add value to your readers provide them with ROI for their time.
Good Luck,

Jen Fuerte Founder at TeachrTec

November 1st, 2016

Great answers here from @Valerii Timokhina and Lucas Hanson. I would add, if you are looking to reach millennials for your fintech startup, try Snapchat too.

Lucas Hanson Looking for a partner to build awesome products

October 29th, 2016

I would agree with Valeria.  I did about six months at a B2B SaaS company managing paid search and social media.  LinkedIn had the best conversions compared to Twitter, Facebook, and Google Adwords.  I started testing retargeting toward the end of my time there, and we had gotten promising results. If you're target audience is more senior, think VP+, then LinkedIn has the edge on targeting specific segments.

The best advice I could give is to test, test, and test more.  Test the platforms, test the copy, test the creatives.