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Where can I find an open source API for job searches on my website?

Luis Perlish Dedicated professional with entrepenuer spirit

July 2nd, 2018

I reached out to Indeed and Glassdoor to ask for an API key from them with zero results. I am working to create a community of employers and employees within a job site, I understand the challenges that takes to build one hence me trying to speed things up by getting an API. I have a lot of connections in the hospitality industry and I am working little by little to get them to open an account with me however I would like to get traffic to my site by adding a quick job search. Any help from you guys would be really appreciated, any ideas how to find an open source API for job searches?

Ali Habib Focused, result oriented, friendly & try new things

July 12th, 2018

Hi Luis, Your approach to look for API is the right thing to do. While you continue API hunt (I’m thinking out loud now), you can also develop a crawler (ethical and compatible with robot.txt) which would gather information from your target platforms (like Glassdoor & xyz) and record it for your platform usage. Happy to discuss it further if it makes sense Regards, Ali