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Where can non-tech entrepreneurs find information on managing software development or tech professionals?

Maria Bailey Benson Serial Entrepreneur, Data Junkie, GT Engineer, STEM Advocate

July 27th, 2017

Lots of small business/entrepreneurs have challenges (and often bad experiences) with website development or app development. Are there any good resources - websites, groups, books, that can provide more insight?

Matiss Founding angel, Picoff Ventures,

July 30th, 2017

No. Like any management discipline, technical management requires loads and loads of hands-on experience and know-how. You can not just pick it up on web. Mostly general management practices apply, however, the trick is that good tech managers know a great deal about tech itself, ex-developers, engineers, etc.

Sam Colwill Owner/Chairman at BathroomsByDesign Retail Ltd and Owner/CEO at KADware Ltd

July 30th, 2017

I have been in this boat for the past few years and although I cant say I havent had bad experiences, it is vital u get a very clear and concise high level brief of what u are trying to achieve written before the project starts. Everyone in your team needs to know exactly what the end goal is and what role they play. If u have someone that can be the lead developer, u should be able to rely on them to create a technical brief (unless it's a really complicated project) and get your resources working effectively. Your part could be scrum master (agile software development) which doesn't necessarily need technical knowledge. More info all over the web but this PSF is pretty good:

a good book to read (or listen on audible in the car to work as I did) is Scrum by Jeff Sutherland.

Use some sort of project management software (I use Odoo) or at worst a big wall with lots of post it notes for each task (assigned to an individual) and milestones to aim for. Each day have a scrum meeting and review progress each week As part of your weekly sprint.

I got a VR app launched on time within 12 weeks using scrum, and even though at every stage I felt a big of an imposter, it got my team focused and each week we made the required progress and app launched on time.

good luck.

Iqbal Azeem Founder and CEO Teczonlabs - IT Services and Digital Solutions

July 30th, 2017

Learning how to manage software development is not a good option. Focus on you business aspect and contact someone who have proven record of delivering well.

Before hiring tech professional ask them how they would manage the project and what would be the milestones. Discuss with them and then follow your instinct about who understand your idea best and will deliver what he committed.

If you are looking some development plan then just let me know I can guide you much more since I am running a software company.