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Where Could I find experts interested in liquid biopsy and Artifical intelligence

Islam Mansour Pharmacist/ Healthtech entrepreneur

Last updated on November 10th, 2018


I am planning to open a startup concerned about Lung cancer patients that would build a product and offer services targeting cancer recurrence problem based upon Liquid biopsy and Artificial intelligence technologies.

The problem is not having enough connections in Germany, where I am living and studying now or in Europe to build a great team that would help achieving my vision.
I would like to hear all of your recommendations and advice about reaching the right Co-founders or Mentors in my Situation.


Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

November 14th, 2018

Your question is likely way too specific for a layperson audience like CFL. You need to ask this question of some scientists. Ask them where they hang out and get their information. What journals are they reading? What conferences do they attend? Where are they publishing their research? Be in those places.

Stanley Mitchell Innovator - MBioch MBA

April 6th, 2021

As a scientist with a background in this area let me quickly jump in. Hate to reply with another question but: do you need one person who has both? You say 'experts' but then only ask that they are 'interested' in the subjects. Finding someone with expertise in both will be next to impossible. Even relatively late stage startups in this space split this expertise. If you just need someone who's 'an expert' in one of those fields then that will be much simpler to find but you'll need to clarify which space you require them to be 'an expert' in, and which they need to merely be 'interested' in.

I have used inverted commas liberally here because I am not sure the language you are using is as clear and accurate as it could be. The easiest way to find someone with relevant experience in one of these fields would be to identify PhD programs, then try and ingratiate yourself with the lab heads/sr academics and meet soon-to-be PhD grads who have worked in this area. However, they are unlikely to consider themselves 'experts', especially beyond the immediate niche in which they did their research. Hope that

David M

April 7th, 2021

I am happy to look at your business plan. Your website is lacking in a major way. And I am stating that without sugar coating because someone should have told you that before you launched it. It wreaks of something that was outsourced to someone in India who has no connection to the heart and passion of your start up OR was created by engineers who may be very smart with scientific/engineer etc but lack the needed communication skills to convey a message. You need the story in a website...the connection...the warmth and human condition..your vision as you mention..ESPECIALLY for something such as health care. You need to clearly explain what it is you are doing. Your example states "lets review your latests tests. You are more likely to have cardiovascular disease by 60%" No one wants to read that in a text. No one wants to read "We are breaking up" via text, so why in the world would you think someone would want to read a text "Hey...dude good chance you will die sooner." Everyone is trying to figure out how to connect patients to AI and we have jumped over telemedicine to computer based diagnoses and connection...and without a human connection...face to face or face time video to face time at the very least, you limit your business to locals with no transportation or very little doctors in the region...which I understand is a lot of places...but that has to be defined in your marketing plan within your business plan. The best doctors with the highest ratings have bed side manner. So if people give low ratings to doctors who do not (which is number one complaint I see with poor ratings) why would they want to jump to a text message? There are a TONNNNN of Biotech companies in the USA working on cancer treatment's etc. Every single day without even looking for them, I come across at least 1-2 Biotech stocks focussed on Cancer. The opportunities are endless but I just don't see the specifics of what you do explained, which is why I ask for a business plan and most others will as well. There needs to be more connection and resources for sure especially for less known treatments and cancers. If I google liquid biopsy there are many results. So here is what I would suggest. You have not written a proper business plan. I know that because of how you pose your question and your website. That isn't bad. You may not even be to that point. I suggest an opportunity evaluation to focus in on what your start up will be. At the very least you can present that to would be partners. As for finding the right people, search the companies pioneering the area you are working in. Reach out to them. Connect with founders...connect with other students who are studying. If you are farther along in the startup process, you can narrow down your plan of approach and pinpoint areas of your startup you need support on and find those people who can support it. Like I say happy to connect.