Business Broker

Where to find the best business brokers for selling a SaaS company?

Jonathon Lunardi

July 25th, 2016

We are beginning to get ready to sell our company for more than $150k. I have been told having the right business broker is a critical element to a great sale. Does anyone have advice on how to find the best broker for our needs?  Obviously I can google "business brokers" and begin searching through the listings out there but it seems overwhelming and not focused. Thanks for your help!

Michael Raymond CEO at Premier Marketing Advantage

July 28th, 2016

Hi Jon, it's Michael Raymond we spoke a number of times just prior to your launch. I am surprised to hear that you wish to sell your company and that you need advice. If I remember correctly you have built and sold a number of companies that you started, did I miss understand that? Depending on what you have accomplished since your launch I do have a potential buyer. 

Jonathon Lunardi

July 28th, 2016

Hey Michael!  Good to hear from you good. Yes, I have sold one company before and I used BizBuySell to do that. It was for under the $150K mark so I didn't have the opportunity to use a broker. The main value of that company was a pending patent I wrote, it didn't have any revenues. So, the new company, ScholarVets, is much different and much more valuable. Our biggest paying client is the U. of Arizona and we have a strong technical team laying down new code based on Arizona's needs every week. We just added an incredible coder to the team that is an Army veteran too, so I feel extremely confident in our team's ability to execute on our plans this coming fall as college student veterans head  back to school. We do have an intention to sell sometime when the right buyer and valuation is in alignment. In order to do that though, I have read that having an awesome business broker, similar to a real estate agent, is essential to actively promote the sale and help with negotiations when ready. That being said, I am putting out my feelers now for brokers. I will touch base with you on LinkedIn to set up a phone call if you think we should chat. Hooah!  Jonathon

Matthew Selbie Founder and President of Oberon3 - virtual comment card via the mobile phone

July 30th, 2016

Jon. Can you let me know who you are considering / selecting. I have a SaaS customer feedback business and reviewing selling. Thanks