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Where to obtain product explainer/teaser videos?


September 28th, 2014

Where would I go about getting a explainer video/teaser video made on a bootstrap budget?
I would prefer live-action videos. But,I know companies charge 500-20,000.
I am also considering animation videos.         (My budget is $50-$200)

Peter Kazanjy Early Stage SaaS Product and Go To Market Executive

September 28th, 2014

You're going to have a hard time getting someone to do one professionally for that budget.

 However, doing it yourself, using Jing to record your screen, and iMovie to stitch it together could get you to a passable product. 

Do you have a PowerPoint deck with relevant visuals for the conceptual pieces? 

I would try scripting it yourself, and then recording you talking over the relevant, static slides, and interleaved product screen captures. 

Cut it together with iMovie or similar (you're going to have to learn to do this for product demo videos anyway), and use the stock music that comes with those video editing suites. 

It won't be the same as an epipheo video, but if you're pre-product market fit, it's probably premature to invest in something with a crazy amount of fit and finish.

Ellen Raynor

September 30th, 2014

Adobe Voice is a free iPad app that lets you make videos quickly. 

I've used it for Startup Weekend events before.  

  1. Buy several inexpensive stock photos (or use your own)
  2. Import the photos
  3. Record voiceover
  4. Select music
  5. Publish.  
All in under an hour.  

And you'll be impressed by how professional it looks.

If you have good slides, you can use those instead of stock photos.  If you don't like your own voice, you can definitely find a college kid to do the voice for cheap.

Alex Romanovich CMO, Digital Media Leader, Founder, Social2B; co-Founder, Viosk

April 30th, 2015

Hi there - try - we just launched it 2 moths ago and it is taking industry by storm. Template based video animation and distribution. Would love some feedback. Alex

Aleksandr Yarmolatii Experienced in Motion Graphics, Design, Video Production and Automation

September 2nd, 2015

Yes, Viosk is nice solution! You can have videos made automatically. For example if you have e-commerce or real-esstate with more then 1000 products creating videos for all these items is impossible, but Viosk can do it with automatization. 

I'm in video production for years already so if you need any tips or just help feel free to write me a note!

Paul Ruderman

September 28th, 2014

great animators there.

record your own audio, write your own script.
then send audio to these guys who will animate for a hundred bucks.

Michael Kovacs CTO at Samsung Accelerator

September 28th, 2014

Hey Koral, GoAnimate is awesome, inexpensive, and easy to produce something of reasonable quality in a week or less. I just made a :30 explainer video and my first draft was done in a day or two. You can probably get one done even more quickly if you use one of those tools to generate one that's just all animated words. Total price for my video was $80 (1 month of GoAnimate pro) and a few days of my time. Hope that helps. -Michael

Robert Tolmach Entrepreneur and Social Entrepreneur

September 28th, 2014

Hi Koral Check this. Low-cost whiteboard animation service Scroll down to the “Watch This Live Demonstration“ Best Robert Robert Tolmach Co-Founder Now all children can have the resources they need


September 28th, 2014

The product is not even developed yet thus I have not obtained any images. But,I obtained some paid pre-orders. I would like make a low cost video since there is no point on wasting thouadns of dollars for not a fully launched product yet. 
IS Whiteboard animation & Go-animate the only viable option? 
Would you recommend gathering students from universitys to make movies?
I understand everything is always about the money. But any CREATIVE recommendations for a startup trying to obtain a great video. I know it can be done within that budget,any tips?

Sir Knight Speaker on Developing Leadership through Entrepreneurship and Founder of Detailing Knights

September 28th, 2014

You can also check out Powtoon, its more on the cartoony side though but really easy to use and can get your point across for a great price.  there are also great animators on that can do it for you.

Lawrence Lerner Digitalization and Transformation Coach

September 29th, 2014

Take a look at Sparkol, it's relatively simple and at a good price point.