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Where to sell template to create iOS apps for different businesses

Andrei Nastasiu iOS Software developer & Firebase developer

June 25th, 2018

Hello, I want to create an iOS app template and users to buy it, customize it and then publish their own app customized for their needs. I have searched other questions regarding this and I saw many websites listed where you can sell your source code such as Codecanyon, Chupamobile etc. The problem is that I have searched for some reviews about them on and as I see there are problems with protection and also with the payment on time.I am also taking in consideration to create a Facebook page and a website to explain how to use this template and to talk with customers and sell it directly to the customer, but I think here they I will have a trust issue to give me the cash and then I send them the code...Can you give me your advice? Thanks :)

Ali Jamal .

July 19th, 2018

There are trust issues wherever the money is involved you can do a simple thing for instance if you 5 codes or templates at the time present select two websites you want to try first an upload a single code on each of them and the 3 others on your website as that could generate more traffic to website and you will have some other products to sale directly. Now wait for the time until a website will sell your product at least 5 times and see the payment procedure and time taken in each of them as the reviews are given by people who actually don't use the services themselves. So just be sure enough before uploading all of your designs at the same place.