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Which additional monetization strategies we could use for a cloud based solution?

Eduardo Fonseca Cloud Provider | Azure & Unity 3d Developer | Senior .NET Software Engineer | MCTS

October 17th, 2016

We have been working on a cloud based solution oriented to help Entrepreneurs and SMBs so they can easily identify potential customers by leveraging the power of their social networks data.

The first phase(current) uses Twitter data.
The current model is to charge monthly subscription fees, however,
the system has additional functionality currently disabled due to the costs we'd incur.

Among that functionality is the ability to identity, for each tweet, the language, keywords, and sentiment, 
data which is extremely helpful to create more accurate reports, the APIs we use however become expensive
since there is an average of processing 500 000 records per customer daily.

Which monetization strategies we could use for these kind of scenarios?

Thanks for the help.