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Which are the best tools to track and organize your Build, Measure and Iterate cycles?

Alexandre Azevedo Founder of The Traction Stage Blog & Podcast

February 24th, 2018

I'm looking for tools or services that help startup entrepreneurs to keep track of their actions and progresses regarding the trial-and-error process. To find your product-market fit, you must do several tests and iterations. What kind of tools could help on that process?

Dave Jules Founder and CEO of Underlined Apps

March 7th, 2018

Can you be a little but more specific?

I would say use Google doc and sheet should be able to help you with that but if you are looking for project management tools (which is what I'm getting at) I'd recommend the following which can work with a startup budget.

- Notion.so

- Trello.com

- Asana.com

Let me know if that is helpful.

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"We make apps"

Alexandre Azevedo Founder of The Traction Stage Blog & Podcast

March 8th, 2018

Thanks, @Dave! I work with Trello, but Asana and Notion seem very interesting too. I'll try them! :)

However, I was not thinking exactly about a service that organize team work (only). I was wondering if there is a service/application that specifically organize the Customer Development Process in a Startup Initiative.

For example, at the beginning we have an idea, that bases our first business model hypothesis. There are some activities (or checklists) we must do in order to test our hypothesis and find the product/market fit.

Yes, we have the business model canvas (by Alexander Osterwalder) and certainly we have some services that help on building the canvas. But, what about setting up the experiments/tests? What about the tests results? And the iterations and pivots that follow the first hypothesis? In "The Startup Owner's Manual" (by Steve Blank) we have some checklists, that help on getting things done, for example. Hence, the basic elements could be organized in an application so startup entrepreneurs could drive their initiatives in a more structured way.

In other words it would be the Lean Startup Methodology steps organized in an service/application.

Is it clear? :)



Amal Tunga Experiential Curator | Problem Solver - CEO @imageHeroes.com

March 8th, 2018

Hi Alex, another good project management tool to keep things simple is the newly branded Monday.com formerly dapples.com its worth checking out.

As per Dave's recomendation depending at what stage you are at and size of team , any new utility takes a bit of time and effort to embed in to a team and their workflow.

Staring with whiteboards / paper / google docs and moving forward from that is sometimes a good way of working out what you actually need from a product or service like Monday.com or any of the other.

Hope that helps.


Alexandre Azevedo Founder of The Traction Stage Blog & Podcast

March 9th, 2018

Hi, Kranthi!

I'll take a look at Leanstack, too!! :)

Thank you!

Alexandre Azevedo Founder of The Traction Stage Blog & Podcast

March 9th, 2018

Thanks Amal! I'll check monday.com too!! :)

Kranthi Kiran Cofounder @yeloni.com

March 9th, 2018

I feel leanstack is what you are looking for. I have not used it personally, but I do follow the founder of this tool Ash Maurya.

Do let me know if this is what you are looking for.