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Which businesses to target for selling my Cloud/in-premises storage software

Ucantseeme Just passing by

May 5th, 2018

Disclaimer: Tech guy here with no experience in sales yet. Confident nevertheless.

Long story short, I have been working on a web-based file storage software. I chose this knowing that cloud file/document storage is a very wide market that is growing rapidly every year. Industry giants like Dropbox and Box has not stopped smaller players to come up and exist with their smaller share of the market.

My solution is targeted for small teams and SMEs. I honestly feel that the path all these previous softwares took at collaboration within groups can be done better, and that is what I am aiming to do.

The software is in its final stages of development, and almost ready to release, and now comes the hardest part - I just can't seem to make up which industries to target. Like I said, it is intended to be used by groups (with multiple people collaborating and sharing files among each other etc). Can someone give me some ideas about the type of business whom I can target to schedule an appointment and give sales a shot!

Thank you!

Alexandre Azevedo Founder of The Traction Stage Blog & Podcast

Last updated on May 11th, 2018

Hey, there!

Instead of considering the "type of business" I would consider the "type of professional that would use your service. I suggest you to think about:

1) What is(are) the biggest benefit(s) your platform brings to users (comparing to the available alternatives)? It has to be clear why is your service better than others.

2) Considering the previous answer, what kind of professional would benefit the most about your solution? Would they be so excited about it, they would ignore your not so good features?

Focusing on the type of users, instead of businesses, will provide you a clearer way of targeting these users. Maybe, you may find them on a facebook group. Or maybe you can host an event about the users problem (showing how your product solves it). There are a lot of ways of reaching your audience, but you have to know who they are and why should they care.

p.s.: I recommend you this book: "Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth" to consider more ways of targeting your audience.

Best regards.


Jenny Kwan Co-Founder and Technical Lead of Woodlamp Technologies

May 12th, 2018

I would build on top of @Alexandre's feedback and ask specifically, what collaboration workflows do you envision powering? You need to be able to approach a prospective customer's decision maker and persuade him or her that these workflows would unlock significant economic value.