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Which early-adopter customer acquisition channels have you found most effective for e-commerce apps?

Alexander Reekie

August 12th, 2016

I'm launching in a couple of months - it's incredibly exciting! However, I'm struggling with finding the right channels to market to on a limited budget at this early stage. I haven't much time for testing campaign performance, so any advice you may have would be greatly appreciated.

James Linden VP Business Solutions at Kochava

August 12th, 2016

Happy  to chime in here on this one. Outside the “top big 6 ” (Google, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pandora, Yahoo) I would recommended these CPC/CPI non-incent install driver partners for both IOS & Android: Drawbridge, Appia, Taptica, Iron source , Millennial media/AOL, Chartboost, Opera media, Liftoff, AppLovin’, and Tapsense.


Rafael Alén Commercial Manager en EROTIC MUSEUM

August 12th, 2016

Hi Alexander. I bet you have a very precise idea on who is your customer, right? If not, work on that until you narrow it the best you can. Then contact influencers (bloggers, youtubers, etc) that are relevant for your target market, and make them talk about your product. After that, I'll focus on FB ads rather than Adwords, and I'll do a lot of content marketing. Good luck

Muamer Avdic

August 13th, 2016

If you're on a limited budget, stick to gorilla marketing tactics that will bring your product off the ground, but will save you a lot of money in the beginning.  I recommend you register & post on e-commerce forums, reddit (reddit has ebay/etsy/shopify/magento/etc. groups) where sellers on those platforms/marketplaces talk about all business related issues.  I also think you should look into & either join some local meetups in your area that are e-commerce related or at least reach out to the leader of that particular meet up & see if he/she could relay the message about your app to their group.

As your business starts to grow, these marketing tactics will have trouble scaling, but you can def save a lot of money if you're really on a low budget & still searching for a product market fit.  You should start to receive a lot of word of mouth referrals if your app is of any use to the e-commerce community.

Best of luck!

Sudhakar Atmakuru CTO, Director (Business & Marketing) at JT TechnoSoft

August 19th, 2016

I would rather take it slow. Advertising comes with a heavy bill, and when it is a start-up with no-revenue could leave you a shot-in-the-foot.
First release your app with some invitations to your friends, relatives, etc and let them give you some feedback. Meanwhile, ask them to forward or share with their friends. Give it a few months (if you are not so time-constraint) and test the ground how your app is getting a push for take-off. 
Meanwhile, learn the tactics from other experts (dont be ashamed to ask silly questions if you have one) and discussions by participating in events, meetups, blogs, etc and be prepared with a small bag for money put aside for any such ad spending. 
However, I would not go blindly for marketing on social media, which is very expensive. You have to see the response from the first step above noted, and then make a plan how to market and monetize your product.

Good luck :)