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Which mobile apps have the best customer on-boarding?


December 27th, 2015

I like “Calm” & “Spring” which are both pretty impressive and got me thinking of what changes I should make to my own company to allow a better customer experience. What other mobile apps have others had experience with that they absolutely love and believe other mobile apps should be doing that same thing?

Daniel Turner Available

December 28th, 2015

One bit of advice and one caution: It's great to look at good onboaring experiences (and bad ones) but be aware that what works well for one mobile app could likely be a disaster for a different one. Think of title sequences for movies, or tutorials; the credits for Se7en were great for Se7en but would be terrible for a romantic comedy, as deep tutorials for Photoshop would be all wrong in tone and interaction for a children's game.

So, basically, I'd recommend hiring a UX/interaction designer! There's someone who does that sort of thing for a living. (Sure, you don't need a degree to be a software engineer, but wouldn't you prefer one to write your code, as opposed to having a graphic designer do it?)

Dan Kelley Managing Director

December 28th, 2015

On-boarding will depend on your app.  Calm and Spring do a good job because they are simple and match the user experience, I doubt that approach would work as well for a more complicate app.  I think whatever approach you take needs to enable the user to quickly understand how to complete the task for which they downloaded the app.  Wunderlist walked me through creating my first task in a simple manner and I never looked back.  I'm happy to discuss more, as the on-boarding experience will depend on the app... just my 2c.

Ratnam Raj Ruby on Rails Developer

December 27th, 2015

Hi Bill,  i would like to discuss on mobile apps and i am looking for investor for my mobile application

AJ Johnston Owner at Law Office of Ann E. Johnston

December 28th, 2015

I spent a lot of money working with folks who claimed to be able to do both. Results - unimpressive.  I know what my company needs but finding the right person can take a lot of a company.