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Why I am unable to find cofounder for extreme sport startup?

Krishna Torque Full Stack Developer & Freestyle Athlete

May 23rd, 2020

I am looking for cofounder for last 6 months, some people show interest but later on they did not make contact. I am a tech guy so looking for marketing person but unable to find someone. Even I do not have any team.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

May 23rd, 2020

Most of the reason people don't match as a co-founder has to do with the fact they don't share your vision. Vision is defined as the ideal experience of your company/product by a customer (both internal and external customer).

The majority of people seeking a co-founder are focused on their own needs. To attract a co-founder, an idea person needs to focus on the needs of the other person instead. This is a basic dynamic of attracting support of any kind.

You don't necessarily need a co-founder, but you do very much need marketing support. Hire someone if you can't persuade someone to take a bigger risk. Or at least start doing some of the research you'd ask a marketing person to do to develop and validate your marketing strategy. Even if marketing is not your strong skill, you will still need to learn a lot about it. And there's nothing better to determining whether your idea is a business or not, more than doing your own research work.

David M

May 25th, 2020

What are you hoping to accomplish with a co-founder? If you have no money and you are looking for a co founder to help push the venture forward for equity, then that can make sense. Have you written a business plan? Who have you reached out to? Personally, if it were me, I would make a list of the top people you would like to collaborate with in some fashion and start reaching out to them. As you connect, doors will open. So, for example, if it were extreme dirt bike stuff, I would reach out to everyone involved with Nitro Circus. Express where you are at and what you are hoping to accomplish. Most people will respond to people with genuine passion. Passion alone wont get the investors writing checks, but you may meet some people in the process who become your co founders, advisors, etc. If Torque is your real last name, and the extreme sport is anything involving a motor, you already have a plus! Just adopt a name of Johnny Torque for anything you do in the US and you will have kids buying your t-shirts!