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Will AI ever truly compete with human design/UXUI?

Leo J Barnett Mobile App & Platform Designer @

April 9th, 2018

I was having an interesting discussion recently around front-end development and whether AI will ever be able to do the work of a human designer when it comes to making killer branding if given a brief.

Would love to get some thoughts on this!

Jenny Kwan Co-Founder and Technical Lead of Woodlamp Technologies

Last updated on April 9th, 2018

"Ever" is a long time. Given that humans are merely chaotic biochemical machines, primarily led by neural networks, but also by the complexity of sensory organs, there's no reasons why AIs are artificial at all, in the long run.

What's your timeframe? Given the reach of social media, both in user count and in proportion of user waking hours, there's no reason that massive experiments couldn't be conducted in parallel on user activities (passively) or A/B test interactions (actively) to converge on what an ideal brand is for a product or organization for a given timeframe. If data can be gathered in that way, then yes, machine learning can be performed on it to yield a brand experience. The gating factor is the cost and sophistication of the sensory input gathering - gaining "experience", as it were.