Sales Strategy

Willingly to sell would you scale the margin only or do you find it is binding to sell value or even a revolutionized solution with advanced input?

Martin Bilbao La Vieja ...

May 16th, 2020

Can you live with a margin anda product that is outdated but still on a+ perhaps your own design. or would you toss it out and find something daring that you will risk for?

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

May 16th, 2020

Your words are confusing and don't describe anything we can evaluate. Perhaps it's the translation, but in English what you've written is just a bunch of words. They don't go together to mean something specific. Please try again.

Ernesto Andrade Medical Device Developer

May 17th, 2020

Good listener, few words

Martin Bilbao La Vieja ...

June 6th, 2020

Paul Garcia besides the insult and the agravating disregard for my question let me clear it up for you, well in a real work and profitable commercial liasson or work relation you at many points would need to jsut be stucked with your hellokitty like toy of a product or service that you built and cared for but ultimately it brings no other value than a few small unconvincing unsatisfying perks and tweaks that you might rather realize while you are young and can grab a Book instead of hoping for hoping on pretty much nothing usefull , so if that was not english to you allow me to translate it to mandarin, perhaps if we talk a business language we can understand each other other wise please apologize for your comment as stanted by rules of engagement of this platform since its an agravating insult and an obvios discrimination which you have no entittlement to grab that could enable you to say something like s narrow little respect for himself or others pretty little liar would say. so thank you for nothing and now please as i said go ahead and apologize formally for it. peas of chet