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Would a startup founder pitching online his/her job offers make sense besides posting an ad?


September 3rd, 2016

I am thinking about one hour periodic online sessions using video where technical founders would present their tech job offers and would answer "live" to the questions of potential employees (who could stay anonymous)

Several founders from different startups would pitch in parallel and potential employees could move easily from one pitch to another one, and ask questions.

My assumptions are that (1) a tech founder could more easily attract some engineers who would then enter the recruiting process, and that (2) it would be more exciting for engineers to discover job offers this way than reading a job board.

As this type of online recruiting service does not seem to exist, I wonder whether someone tried and it failed, or whether it has no chance for a reason that I do not see.


James Bailey

September 3rd, 2016

I think anything moving in the direction of livestream video will become the main stay. Especially for Millennials who are doing everything from their mobile device. I know I would like to use video to recruit. It's the closest thing to face to face....just sayin'

Greg Buechler Sr Talent Acquisition: 925-487-9739

September 4th, 2016

Christian - This is a very intriguing idea and warrants additional vetting. I think you are suggesting:

Instead of static job postings, the concept is live presentations (like a TED talk) by the company, then Q&A, all with the ultimate goal of generating interest in the company as an employer.

Paul Garcia marketing exec & business advisor

September 5th, 2016

There are some tech savvy companies already doing something very much like this. One in particular acts as an agency and recruits tech workers to place at other firms. They use a combination of recorded video presentations and live video sessions with prospects. It's not a big stretch from how people with virtual offices are already working together. The usefulness of a system like you propose and others are using really depends on the problem that needs solving.

Andy Terrel Fashion Metric CTO , NumFOCUS President

September 5th, 2016

Seems similar to and HackerX events. I do like both better than traditional recruiters.

Richard Giraud President of RGENT Computing Corporation

September 3rd, 2016

That's a brilliant idea!

It seems that too many companies are stuck in the '1 position, many applicants' model.  Rarer talent is often in the opposite situation but the process for evaluating multiple opportunities is expensive; going from an email through the interview can take 2 days of time, which is expensive when billing by the hour.

Something like this would be very useful for helping find good fits for the rare talent and rare positions.

Daniel Morden

September 3rd, 2016

I agree.  You are facing a buyers market in tech talent and one of the first things I would want to know as a potential employee is "do I want to work for this CTO?" Pass that test, and if they like the idea I think you could find good candidates.  It also gives you a chance to "interview" multiple candidates at the same time for fit.

Steve Robinson On a mission to rid the world of marketing waste.

September 4th, 2016

I think it's a brilliant idea as well and would be eager to use it. 

Scott Harrison Founder at HomeDB

September 5th, 2016

I like the idea of using live sessions to reach potential employees, but from a practical standpoint I think that recorded discussions or presentations with founders or company leaders would be more useful.  I'm sure that someone has collected some statistics on this, but in general we've found that we interview somewhere between 10-20 people on average for technical roles. Typically, either skill level or cultural fit dominate the reasons for passing on candidates.

As a founder you want to share your vision and build excitement around the opportunities. In the early stage of a startup you will be talking with every potential candidate, but at a certain point in your growth it just becomes somewhat impractical for a founder to dedicate that time to every candidate. I'm just being honest when I say that you end up moving from the first person candidates talk with to sometimes the last (of course that depends on the role as well). Your team starts to evaluate candidates and your role shifts to building excitement for potential hires.

That change in the process of hiring at a startup can make it difficult for candidates to get a real feel for the founder, their vision and direction. That's where I think recorded video sessions could be most helpful to us. It could give all potential employees a feel for the company, it's founders and path, bypassing the inevitable drag on the hiring process that comes at certain stages of your growth.


September 4th, 2016

Richard Giraud,Daniel Morden,James Bailey,Steve Robinson

Thanks for the positive comments

and:Greg Buechleryes. It would be something like that.

It definitely needs some vetting, interviews of CTOs to see their concerns. I have a prototype so I can do online demos and get their feedback.


September 5th, 2016

Greg Buechler came up with what I think is a great idea.

As it is always difficult to start a service where there are two sides having complementary needs, his suggestion is to target startups that just received a Series A or B round and that need to muscle all their organization: engineering, bizdev, marketing... 

I suppose that it would help motivate qualified candidates to attend the online event.