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Sarki Amada

Serial CEO & CoFounder

I have created a unique software that will revolutionise the world , funny enough that's what most entrepreneurs say. On a serious note though, I have created a software, it took me over 5 years to finish the final product.

Now I'm broke, and I'm in need of cash. I have set up website, cool 16 slide pitch deck and also a working product. The software targets an $18 Billion market.

Using the software, you can easily setup up to 5 different business model which can bring lots of revenue. You know like $1M to more than $100M revenue annually depending on the business model you stick to.

Now, I want to sell my product to a software company in similar field in which they can use it to enhance their software or set it up as another business model.

So, I want to sell 80% stake of the product, and hold onto 20% stake. I put my value of the 80% at $100M.

NOTE:I don't have a company, I just have business models, a working product and 16 page pitch deck.

Do you think I would be able to sell it, even though I don't have any customer yet?