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Would you avoid starting an ‘on-demand’ startup?

Sneha Kumar testing

May 23rd, 2017

Virtually every service or product is available on demand now. In fact, it seems to be that this is the thrust of most consumer-facing startups these days. I’m beginning if to wonder if ‘on-demand’ is a market fallacy. That is: Do consumers actually need many of these products/services on-demand? Or is it a lack of actual data that leads to entrepreneurs making endless amount of on-demand startups?

Maxine Pierson CEO, MJ BIOTECH, INC.

May 23rd, 2017

No consumers do NOT need - YES- you will not make money-

Startups generally enter sectors that do not require high level mfg skills - that they can to on the cheap - if you build it they will buy - is the prevailing biz plan

Plus it isn't FUN to mfg "boring" things that are not "cool"..Try manufacturing farm implements/supplies and you WILL make money

Michael Jooste CEO VectorStars | Permanent Entrepreneur

May 25th, 2017

Whether or not they "need" it, they want it. Especially when it comes to digital products / services. Try to confirm the likelihood of a customer purchasing first; if the market is there, why wouldn't you start a company to fit the "need"?

Many entrepreneurs do focus on on-demand services because they don't want to be seen as not using the "correct" language investors and successful businesses use. Unfortunately, these are generally the entrepreneurs who start with an idea and then try to find customers - if you take the opposite approach, you don't really need to ask this question.