Kelsye Nelson Author. Publishing Consultant.

January 28th, 2013

We just launched! We\'ve received a lot of great connections and support from members of the FD community, so wanted to send a note of thanks and appreciation. Thank you!

I invite you all to come take a look at the online marketplace of independent publishing services. On, you can hire an editor, book designers, marketer, etc - or find work! If you use the promo code "Friends", you can bid on jobs without having any site fee.

The marketplace is brand new and success depends on getting people signed up and posting and bidding on jobs. Please come take a look today!

Happy building!

Kelsye Nelson
CEO & Co-Founder,
@Kelsye @WriterlyTweets

Ricky Wong Ex-Google Eng. Researching AR, AI, and Retail.

January 28th, 2013

Hey Kelsye,

Congratulations on the launch. I\'m also in publishing (focused on linking
blogs -> book and book <-> book though - see Thought you might want to
check them out.



January 28th, 2013

Hey, Kelsye.

This is a really cool service. I am currently writing a book, so this will
be quite helpful. I will also tell a few friends about it. Great work so
far and congrats!