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Premium members enjoy advanced features such as priority listing in search results, unlimited messaging, recommended candidates, and access to special entrepreneur resources. Basic members can complete basic searches for CoFounders and initiate conversations with up to 3 potential CoFounder candidates each month. See the full comparison between Basic and Premium membership.

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If you would like to cancel your Premium membership please visit your Settings page. Your Premium membership will be effectively canceled at the end of its current term.

Premium members have unlimited messaging capabilities. They can message as many candidates as they please as often as they like.

Basic members can initiate a conversation with up to 3 potential candidates each month. Messaging back and forth with a single candidate does not count against your monthly limit. Replying to a message you've received also does not count against your monthly limit.

You can find out how many initial messages you have remaining by visiting your Message Center. Messages do not roll over from one month to another. The monthly limit resets for all Basic members on the 1st of each month (January 1st, February 1st, etc.)

Most members look to delete their profile because they have put their project on hold or don't wish to be displayed in the search results. For this reason, we have developed two features to help you hide your name and profile while still having access to the platform's resources.

Don't want your name visible? You can remain anonymous by checking the box "Use alias" when editing your name on your profile. You can then stay hidden under a pseudonym until you are comfortable sharing your real name.

Don't want your profile listed? If your project is on hold or you've found your match, just select "Hidden" under "Profile" in "Account settings" and it will remove you from the search results until you're ready to get back in the game.

If you would like your account deleted completely, please visit your Settings page.

Search results are ordered first by Premium members, then by Basic members.
Upgrade to Premium membership to ensure that your profile is always listed toward the top of the search results.

After membership status, the search results are then ordered by members who have most recently logged into their account. Staying active by logging in frequently is another great way to get your profile featured.

There may be a few reasons for this. Some are simply out of your control so don't fret too much!

We do our best to ensure that our community consists of highly qualified candidates and rely on the crowd to rank and surface the most promising entrepreneurs. However, some entrepreneurs are passively seeking a CoFounder and simply ignore all requests. Others who are actively searching may lack the courtesy of notifying you if they're just not interested. In most cases, they may not be interested simply because they didn't feel you were a good fit.

To improve the chance of eliciting a reply, try a few of the following tips:

First, be sure to personalize your message. Why do you feel that this person in particular would be a good potential candidate, especially when there are thousands of other people to consider? What unique assets or skills do you bring that complement that person?

Next, you may be due for a touch-up of your profile. In addition to completing your profile (or getting it as close to 100% as possible), make sure that you have written an insightful summary and added more skills, certifications (if applicable), and maybe even some events you frequently attend. A video, even one taken from your smartphone or webcam, will help give your profile some life and help you stand out. Make sure you've connected your CoFoundersLab profile to your social media pages like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter; this helps potential candidates do a little more digging on you to determine if it makes sense to connect.

Yes, especially if you are looking for advisers and interns. If you've already launched your business, and are looking to bring on a CoFounder; be prepared to share in key decisions and be willing to grant significant equity. By "significant" consider somewhere in the neighborhood of 5% or more.

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