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Mastering the Fundraising Game

Learn about the core elements of raising capital: how to prepare your pitch materials, fundraising strategy, attract investors, and close the deal.
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Advanced Fundraising

Learn about key elements of the financing round, what the post-financing looks like, and how to master follow on financing and investor relations.
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Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing

Learn how to get organic leads and tap into new acquisition channels that are repeatable and scalable.
Learn to use a testable and measurable approach.
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Advanced Growth Hacking

Learn about the fundamental principles and frameworks upon which to build a long term growth strategy and structure for your company.
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Build a Rockstar Team

Learn about the checklist of the do's and don'ts when recruiting your cofounder, advisors, board members and first employees.
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Playbook to Launch Your Startup

Learn a step by step guide on what you need to do to launch your business efficiently and with velocity.
Avoid common mistakes founders make.
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